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Memorabilia JDM accessory Leather folio/Briefcase & Map holder

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
SOLD. Thanks Prime.
Not enough interior storage in your NSX? Here is a JDM Leather folio and accessory map pocket. Perfect to go with your NSX luggage? The folio attaches on a clip which is installed behind the left hand seat. See pics.
Be the only one at work with an NSX briefcase! (Briefs not included.) Also includes JDM Japanese instructions and english instructions:
Excellent condition. The mounting clip, which attaches to the interior panel, is included, along with all hardware and instructions for the mounting holes.

Let me know if I can provide any more pictures.

Note: To mount the clip in the NSX, it requires 2 holes drilled through the interior panel, as shown in the instructions. (Some later year panels are pre-drilled through the masonite, so you just drill through the leatherette.)

The mounting clip is installed on my left (driver's side) interior panel as shown in the pictures. I'm looking for $300 cash and I will include my 1995 LEFT side interior panel. You send your interior panel (excellent condition) back to me in Canada. Probably easier to post yours back to me than install the clip on yours.

Or make me an offer for the complete kit as from the factory, without my bulkhead panel & install it yourself - I'll refinish my interior panel if it's worth it.
Full & fair disclosure: If I was installing it, I'd consider installing it on the Right side, which could be easier to access if the passenger occupant is shorter than the driver.
Also, know that it occupies ~1" behind the seat, so if you already have your driver's seat touching the back, you'll have to install it on the passenger side.
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Not looking to sell the briefcase separately. I don't expect there would be much interest in the mounting bracket or map holder alone.