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Junior40er's NSX: From then to now

5 January 2011
Southern California
So I have been thinking of making one of these threads about my car for a while but since this is my 1000th post (thank you Les) I will be making it with this thread about my NSX from then until now.

Before I bought my NSX I had a 2007 Honda Fit Sport, a Cadillac CTS and a MR2 Turbo. I have been thinking about buying a NSX for a while but the fact is I was also deciding between that and a Corvette. With the help of some friends I eventually decided on a NSX because thats where my heart has been since I was a child. So my decision was made up but I was going to wait a while (maybe a year) to buy.

That changed pretty quick the night I was casually browsing craigslist from socal to norcal on the NSX and I came across one owned by an optometist who lives in Kingsburg, CA. The deal was there for the car I wanted (red targa) and I couldnt resist. I had the money to buy it but I didnt want to have all these cars at my house. I immediatly sold my Cadillac CTS withing a couple days and got the rest of the money and drove to the NSX 4 hrs away after agreeing with owner to meet up. He was supposed to show NSX to some potential buyers in Irvine while visiting his son who is attending medical school. I knew if that happened I would pay more than what he was asking.

Here is a picture of my stock 1995 NSX from the week I bought it.


My first "Les" drive, stock. That drive was when my tension pulley went out.

My very first "mod" was getting some Ultra Leggeras from my buddy Ted and then I ordered some KW V3's.







I also installed a new wing. Actually its a dreamsports wing which I was told was out before any real NSX R replicas like downforce or the like were made.

After that I left for afghanistan for 6 months but came home after only 2 months after some things happened. At least I was home to play with my NSX more and enjoy some family time.
I ordered a lip for the NSX since mine was missing, much better.

My NSX next to my Honda Fit. The Weekend car and commuter.

My NSX next to my Turbo MR2

The starspecs on the OZ's wore out so I slapped on my TE37's.

While I was on my last trip to afghanistan I got the mod bug and bought a CTSC, Cantrell Headers, Ark DTS exhaust and Cantrell intake scoop.

I installed everything myself in my garage with the help of this wonderful place



Then blodi covers went in

CTSC was in and I was enjoying both of my 90's legendary cars

I believe that is the last pics I have of my MR2 Turbo as I got rid of it because ever since the CTSC went in, I never drove her. I ended up trading for a MR2 Spyder which makes for a better everyday car but it should NOT have the MR2 name......bleh. Handles good though.

CTSC Tension Pulley went out ripping my belt in shredds as well. Had it towed to my house.


The damage I found and repaired with new bolts and a new belt. Pulley itself was still good.



Got a new diffuser in

My new OEM lip arrived

Remember when I had my car towed home? Apparently I damage my rear bumpers paint while pushing off the road so here it is at shop after I had that fixed.

Oh, I forgot to mention. OZ's are back on after getting some new michelin pilot super sports.

Next major purchase was some Carbon6 mirrors, I love em.



Then I decided, I wanted some time at the track so I took her to west end alingment to get her dialed in.

I also did a quick fix on a boot day before since I found a crack on my inspection.

At willow Springs the following day having a blast.





So Willow Springs was a blast but now with parts in, its time to rebuild my axles thanks to Coz and the rest of prime.


After week and a half (taking my time) I was done and back together.


Washing my car getting it ready for my first super car sunday meet which was fun as hell.

So there you have it. I tried to keep it short and did the best I could. My car still has a long journey ahead to get it where I want it to be but I love it the way it is now. If I was to do just ONE thing to it that would be brake upgrades which are happening now. I have a full set of braided SS lines, CF brake ducts and some fluid on the way.

I have some parts laying around as well but I will just post those once on the car. I intended to keep this car stock, honest. But I can NEVER do that. But I do want to modify it and keep it reliable as can be for a FI car and I think this car delievers that and some.

I will continue updating this thread as I progress with my car. Thanks.

PS: I would like to thank my friends here at Prime for making NSX ownership a very great experience. NSX owners are some of the most awesome car guys I have met and I made some very good friends with local primers and out of state primers (Kelvin, Coz and few others). I would name the local guys I feel has been great with me but there are MANY, you know who you are. And most of all I would like to thank my wonderful, beautiful fiancee who is very supportive of my passion for cars. She understands that this is a healthy hobby and I love her more for that.
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Great thread, and a great read. It is true the People from prime are the best. I've never been to a forum where there was so much maturity.
EPIC 1K post Adrian.
Pics aren't showing for me (ugh, photobucket) but will check later. Congrats on your 1000th post Adrian!
Nice Adrian.... You can also tell prime about how you and I have been friends since honda civic days and when i first picked up my NSX you were set on getting one too -__- ;)
I can see the pics now, awesome thread Adrian! I'm glad I got to meet you and I am grateful for your generosity in letting me crash at your place nearly two months ago, while on my way home with my 93. People like you are the reason Prime and the NSX community are so great! :)
I personally think it would look so much better if you got the NSX-R style spoiler that has a slight arch to it, as it better flows with the car than the "flat like a board" style.
I personally think it would look so much better if you got the NSX-R style spoiler that has a slight arch to it, as it better flows with the car than the "flat like a board" style.
do plan on doing that in the future.

I love this shot of your car :wink:

Thanks, it was my favorite shot for a good while.
Started tearing into my car once again to do some work.
1) removed side mirrors to for some adjustments.
2)Removed center console so I can install NSX-R Shift boot
3)Will be removing Steering wheel to installed Momo tuner

Once interior and mirrors are back in I will
1)Install Downforce Carbon Fiber front brake ducts
2)Install front/rear Stoptech coated SS braided brake lines
3)Remove OEM brake Heat/Dust Shield
4)Flush brakes with motul fluid
5)Start replacing coolant hoses (preventative MX)

Table of new parts going in