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Junior40er's NSX: From then to now

having issue where my aem gauge is not reading 6 psi (reading 3) so I dont know if its my gauge or ctsc so im inspecting car. therefore I removed strut bar and other things to take a peak around ctsc.




Saw clamp on bottom not on all the way bbut I doubt that is the cause. Readjusting anyways best i can without removing ctsc.

bad vaccuum cap on #3 that is cracked so will replace that as well. Again, I dont know how this affects boost.
Some pics of today to verify boost using a different gauge. Spent $65 at autozone for mechanical gauge, tubing and NPT fitting.
Sourced the fitting and removed my AEM pressure sensor and installed temp fitting with new hose that will run into cabin.

Ran through window since its a temp thing

mechanical gauge im using for this test

OK, so the reason belt has chaffing is because in the past I had my CTSC tension pulley snap off causing surface damage. That surface damage was slowly eating away at the belt.

So today I removed pulley and resurfaced it. Looks good as new. Waiting for belt to come in on friday and will put new one in.


Dog is bemused by the activities that he beholds...
^ and you punish him for trying to get in the NSX ?!?! imagine it was you... do you think you would like to be punished for that ?! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

He knows what's good :tongue:

keep up the good work :wink:

Thanks dude :)
Hey, do you think down force would reclear my side scoops for a fee? I got rocks chips(small, can't take pics) on leading edge while on our nsx drive.

Anyways, here is a shot of my scoops that I love.

I'm sure they would. But I would wait until after SEMA.
nice work. How'd I miss this thread...
Where did you get those scoops? Looks great!