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Just how bad is the supplied PC Pad?

19 April 2005
San Jose, CA
Okay I ordered the Sonus set but they wont be here for a few days.

I tried using the supplied PC pad with some 3m perfect it swirl remover for dark cars. Still have swirls.

Am I correct in assuming that the supplied pad isnt much of an agressive cutting pad?

Now I know I should just wait until I get the sonus pads but I wanted to try and increase the cutting power with some 3m Perfect it II compound just to test it and get familiar with the PC.

I figure:
PC white pad+3m perfect it II = Sonus orange pad+3m swirl remover

Or am I totally wrong and the white pad is pretty agressive and Im just not doing things correctly.
Did you put enough pressure on the PC?

I mark the rubber velcro backing pad with a line. (like a 12o'clock mark)
If the mark is not rotating you are using too much pressure or you are not pressing flat against the paint.

if the mark is rotating fast then you are not putting any pressure for the compound to work.

Mark rotating should be rotating at a very slow speed. It is about 5lbs of force against the PC.

I had good result with this technique.

OEM PC pads are OK. not the best.
The white pad supplied with the PC is worthless. Throw the POS away.Actually I heard that someone made some use out of the supplied PC pad. They cut it up into small pieces to use as tire applicators.

I use Lake Country pads, but I have heard good things about the Sonus pads.

Happy polishing!
Well I gave it one more shot. This time on my sisters car just in case I made a big booboo.

Heres a before shot of her 2000 CRV. Those are all scratches and swirls....The car had been washed and dried.

I used the supplied pad and 3M Perfect it II compound.

Thats dust and leftover dried compound. I hadnt even hit it with wax yet. Worked pretty well.

I think Ill still wait for the sonus pads to arrive before really going to town on the NSX.