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Just purchased one of the last 2000s made

9 September 2000
Arcadia, Calif., USA
Hi everyone! I just purchased over the weekend a 2000 NSX-T, #252, silverstone with black interior. I was waiting for a '01 red/tan but when I saw the silver one at Downey Acura I knew that was the color I wanted. I sold my '94 about half a year ago and was sorely missing having a NSX in my garage. My '94 was red/blk so silver was a welcome change. I also wanted the tan interior but I feel IMHO the black interior looks better now as I prefer the one color tone scheme inside over the two tone black on tan scheme. Two days ago I was just looking up different Acura dealers on the net seeing what inventory they had and I just happen to stumble on Downey Acura which had a silver NSX in stock. I knew there was a factory incentive which expires the end of this month and silver was one of my other choices, so I jumped on it! Got a great deal. The car only had 29 miles, had a sticker on the window that said "no test drives for this vehicle," and was surrounded by a barrier so nobody could touch it. Comparing it with my '94 my initial impression is that the later model NSX seems more refined than the earlier models. The newer car feels quicker as it revs more freely, although I didn't push it hard since it is still in the break in period. The visibility to the rear is worse due to the roof storage cover blocking about a quarter of the view. The seats look more finished with the perforated leather inserts lacking the wrinkles at the seams. Even the stereo sounds much crisper, though that could be my imagination. The ride is a little more softer but I'm glad the power steering has great road feel. I was afraid it will feel a lot more numb compared with my '94 that had no power steering. The 6-spd feels about the same but with shorter throws. My two concerns are the battery, the car looks like it hasn't been started for months, and a small gap in the rubber seal of the roof where it meets the A-pillar on the driver's side. I have a feeling I'll be needing a new battery because the original was so discharged. I hope that gap won't leak water when I wash the car. The roof looks like it is not aligned equally. At the same spot on the passenger side the area looks more sealed and flush with the A-pillar. Do any of you with targas notice that same gap on the driver's side? Well thanks for reading this post this far. Looking forward to sharing all of your NSX experiences in the coming years. Thanks for being such a great group of enthusiasts to share information with
Wow, congrats! Mine is the exact same car, #186.

The T fitting in mine is a tad less than perfect as well, but not a problem. Water leaked in twice, once while washing it with a pressure hose and another during some rain with severe winds. But not significant, just a few drops.

In any event its a brand new NSX with a full warranty - enjoy!
Congrats on your purchase!! Glad to see that you went ahead with the Silver color. Red is great, but Silver is much more rare(no offense intended to anyone driving a red). I think I fell in love with the color when I first saw it at the dealership under the bright sun. We don't get much of those days here in the Seattle area. Truely beautiful, but then again, ALL NSXs are no matter the color.

Can't wait till the weather gets warmer here when I can take the top off.
Congrats on your purchase. I would agree with the color choice...beautiful color in the sun. Neillo in CA, has one on the showroom floor. I would trade my red in for Silvertone in a minute if possible.

A new NSX...we should all be so lucky.


97-T Red/Blk @ 14K
you will notice a targa top not being perfectly aligned in a couple different situations: washing the car with a pressure washer and high speed driving.

when I bought mine I got wind noise at 80 MPH. kind of a "speed alarm" that quickly became annoying. the good news is the top can be adjusted by the dealership and my wind noise only reappears at ~120 MPH, which is much more tolerable.


'98 NSX-T Blk/Blk
o Comptech headers / exhaust / airbox
o Koni adjustable suspension w/Comptech springs and sway bars
o Volk TE-37 17/18” wheels
Congrats on finally getting a '00 NSX! Silverstone and Kaiser Silver are so stunning that I could easily have ended up with a silver NSX...but I still love my red...

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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