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K & N whistle?

10 August 2000
Just installed a K&N filter in my Y2K. I'm 99.9% sure that the seal is seated properly and the installation is proper, but there is a "whistle" (not bad or loud, similar to what a spooling turbo would sound) in certain ranges during moderate acceleration.

So the question is: is this a normal characteristic of the filter element or is there a problem with my filter / install?

Just making sure I'm not hurting anything...
Thanks James.

I like it too, definitely adds to the fun for very little $$.

I was just concerned about something being wrong and risking internal damage. I'll go whistle along now...
I think the whistle you hear is the sound of air flowing around the butterfly valve in the throttle body. I kind of like the sound.

But then again, I like sound. I prefer the sound of the car with the engine cover off, insulation removed, RM exhaust, CT straight pipes, intake, etc etc. Perhaps it helps that it is not a daliy driver.

-- Chris

Chris Willson