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LED taillights

25 September 2004





I think these type of LED tails are played out already, the same way exposed CF parts are. Not to mention that you can have individual LED failure that will look awful and cost you a fortune to repair. The newer generation of LED tails use a clear plastic bar to light similar to the way a fiber optic works. So then you only have at LED at one or each end to light up the bar. Take a look at the new BMW tails. It's more reliable, looks less like a jumbotron, and easier to fix. I'd like to see this done on an NSX.
Malibu has some great points as always, but I still like the look you have. Who did it?
I like it, very modern looking but yea he's got a point, what if one bulb fails?

LEDs have a very long lifespan, they rarely burn out if they are within normal operating ranges. But they do fail or the circuitry fails, voltage fluctuation, heat, etc. So if one fails, it's very simple, you take apart the taillight assembly and fix whatever is broken. Taking apart the taillight assembly is very difficult. Easy to crack the lens and even difficult to put back together. I'm seeing LED failures more and more in OEM lights and traffic lights. I'll use the BMW example again, take the E46, they used a dot matrix assembly up through 2006. On the E92s (2007 on up), they use that light bar. Which looks a lot better as well. So did they do this for reliability or looks? My guess would be both. I haven't taken apart the taillights on an E92 yet but I'd have to guess it would be a lot easier to fix those LEDs since they are at the ends where you can get to them.
I like the clear corners LED better. I saw them on a white NSX around here and it looked awesome. Another factor aside from cost is the time necessary for them to complete the conversion and send the part back. I think it's 1 or 2 months from what I heard. Great upgrade once I run out of stuff to do.
I do know that it is the "other" yellow NSX that is/was featured on the GT-Rom website.
I don't care for the look for the reasons Malibu stated
Has anyone considered making taillight LEDs similar to the one's found on the HSC? Personally, I loved those taillights. They seemed to go in deep (optical illusion I'm sure).


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i don't think round tailights look good in a almost stock NSX rear end. Vrooom looks good, but he is far from "almost stock" :wink:

during the weekend i'll post a new thread in the "Do It Yorself" Forum with a good ammount of LED laytouts designs.. i'll start by drawing...and evolve from there...