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Literally any NSX under 35k

15 January 2019
I'd hope you guys could help me in a search for a NSX that preferably has a clean history, but whatever will do. I just like something that isn't too beaten up. Also I'd prefer under 200k miles. Although it's a long shot, I hope y'all could help me out. I am near Houston, just in case some options are close. Thank you!
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There is car that I personally know for sale at your price. I sent you a PM.
I'm in the same boat, but here is one in Canada.

1991, 70k, 5 speed, $36k USD, but rebuilt title... :(





Not that it matters now, but he was actually going to sell it to me for $36k about two weeks ago. The deal was to give him another $2k for personally transporting it to Houston. However, he wanted all $38k to be placed in an escrow account. In the end I didn't free comfortable doing that and he had a change of heart by saying he rather sell to an Canadian buyer as it seems to be less stressful. But I'm happy that the seller got more money then what he was originally asking for.