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Local sources for PC pads?

19 April 2005
San Jose, CA
Are there any retail stores that sell detailing products or do I have to order online?

Im impatient and want to buy some pads today. Its odd that auto stores dont sell things like the PC or pads for them.

I live in the bay area...any local shops that I can walk into and walk out a happy man? (no...not massage parlours)

you prob want to call a body shop paint and supply store. Auto parts store will not have stuff for PC.

BTW you may find some great deals and hard to find Products from 3m and Meguiars... Body and Paint supply store often have supplies for detailers. I bought a Gallon of Clay lub for $12
PC = Porter-Cable

sometime refer to PCDA. Porter-Cable Dual Action Polisher.

Best tool to have unless you are trained to use a high speed orbital polisher.
Proper Auto Care has a wide variety of well priced, high quality, pads. Give them a try. I am always happy with the ones I get from them.