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loose wiring under hood??

21 July 2022
Trying to figure out why my was fluid wasn't coming out of sprayers so I found container empty. filled it up and still a no go, started looking around and found these lose wires anyone know what they are, or where they are suppose to go?

I figure one is for the alarm since I found a plug with a clip in it to (I assume0 ground it out so it doesn't keep going off.

would prefer everything work as OEM as possible.


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does your horn work?
The first picture is the connector for the windshield washer pump. It does not normally have electric tape around it. The second one is not a factory wire. Third one is the connector for the hood latch sensor for the security system- someone jumpered it so the SCU always thinks the hood is closed. You can see it connected in the below photo:

The switch inside the hood latch has red/yel and black wires on the switch side of the plug and Blue and Black wires on the body harness side. A jumper to ground would be the cheap way of fixing a failed switch in the latch.

The washer motor circuit is a little more complicated. The wires to the washer pump motor plug directly into the motor (no pigtail like the hood switch) and the wire colors are blk/yel and Black . It might be the plug in the first picture, the wire colors are hard to discern. The best way to confirm would be to get eyes on the actual windshield washer pump and see if it is unplugged.

The windshield washer pump is controlled by a relay in under hood relay box B which is controlled by the windshield washer switch. If the motor is plugged in and you can get the pump to run by applying 12 volts to it then the problem is elsewhere. Check the relay because that is easy to do and hope it's not the switch which is really expensive to replace.
Lol so from you guys who really know something....does my question score any points or purely nonsensical...🧐