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LoveFab debuts 850-HP NSX Pikes Peak hill-climber [w/video]

24 September 2011
Irvine, CA

Cody Loveland, owner of LoveFab in Traverse City, Michigan, is joining the ranks of drivers for the 90th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on August 12. Known especially for his work packing monstrous power into the Acura NSX, it's no surprise that he's whipped up his own unlimited-class chassis based on the legendary Japanese car that we'll dub the FrankeNSX and that rides on HRE wheels – the same rim-maker who will be supporting Rhys Millen and Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima.

The 850-horsepower, twin-turbo C96S LoveFab NSX is said to throw down 600 hp at the wheels. To see what it should look like running up the mountain, below are some short clips of it testing in the Michigan backwoods with just 500 hp at the wheels. And below that is a press release with more info.
Looking pretty badass :eek:
now only if his response to PM's can be as quick as his car.

Emailing is a slightly better option, phone is probaly the best if there open and not in Colorado
its been over a month since the event and thats all the videos they have? :confused::confused:
+1....I want to see some of the in car video's, they have to be amazing.

its been over a month since the event and thats all the videos they have? :confused::confused:
still........ no press coverage? really? This is the LEAST covered event I've ever *Not* seen hahah I wanna see something other than that one car flipping off the mountain 20,000 times........
Apparently the gods were smiling upon Cody and Tabitha, as right after their run to the clouds.......it started hailing!
No more clear runs for those who were scheduled to go after that :eek:

This event was insane. The preparations to get there, to perform there, and then to get home are unbelievable. It was just Tabitha and Myself from the 2nd until the 9th. Our crew showed up just in time to help repair the damage from the video above.

Here are a few images from the event:













We did finish 2nd in Unlimited. We were one of two teams to reach the top, out of Seven slated to race. Six actually started, four crashed or broke on the way up. Pikes Peak is NOT for the weak of heart. The cars have to be brutally strong, with years of development to be contenders. We had ours running for two weeks before we left. We then went off on day one, it was minor. We proceeded to have a BIG off on Day 2(Engineers gets everyone!). We put it back together in time for Day 3 practice. And made it to the top on Race Day with flying colors. Once we saw 80% of our class on the side of the road by the halfway point, we backed it down to 2/10ths just to save the car and reach the summit.

Speaking of the car, despite wrecking it twice, it performed absolutely flawlessly. We wanted to run more power, but we ran out of time to properly test with the 900WHP we were shooting for. So, raceday we ran it at 675WHP, at 7500ft on a Dyno Dynamics. Next year, we go for more.

All in all, we are glad it's over, and are hard at work catching up. Bear with us while we get our bearings back. The car will be at SEMA this year in one of our Sponsors booths, so we won't be getting it out of storage until October if we can help it.

To top it off.....



She said yes!!!

Some day soon I will have a complete write-up about the whole thing. We may even write a book. Time will tell. For now, theres too much work to do...

Thanks guys!

-Cody and Tab
Amazing effort guys...... it all looks easy with words and pictures, planning, building, testing and paying for such a project, but it's a mammoth task and you have the respect of every prime member I'm sure...

Congrats on the engagement as well......... classic place to ask....... !! :D

Well done again........ I'm the same as others who are hanging out to see more video of it running up the mountain ! Surely there must be some coverage somewhere ?