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Low grip tires... a better way to improve?

I just had my first drive in my car since I installed my KW competitions, 1000 front springs and 600 rears. I was expecting a VERY harsh ride. Frankly, I am in shock. I think at least on the highway, the car rides BETTER than stock. I know that sounds nuts, but it is very very smooth. I have not yet played with the compression and rebound settings, but as is (definitely not full soft) the ride is incredibly compliant. Took a few turns and twists, and the car is just not the same NSX. I was FLYING around corners and it felt incredibly stable and unstressed, felt like the car was laughing at me... saying "is that all you have?". I am so surprised. BUT...

Now I feel the chassis flex more. I have the STMPO FCB, but I really need to so something fairly significant to tighten things up. In all my readings about people upgrading to coilovers, etc... no one mentioned that at least on targa cars, the chassis flex increases as the suspension stiffens. Doesn't anyone else notice this? :confused: The car still feels amazing but I can see the weak point has shifted.

I am still on stock rear sway and R front sway bar. I waited on going to thicker track bars, although billy recommended a 1.25" dali trophy bar. I really like the car now... and am afraid I might lose some independence and ride comfort. That's a massively thick bar. Is that going to make the chassis flex more?

Ross I am going to need your help with some chassis work.
How do you feel the chassis flex more?
How do you feel the chassis flex more?

I feel a little more "jiggle" in the steering wheel now, the same feeling I used to get with the targa off. Not to that extent, but I feel it more now with this suspension. Also when I go sideways onto and off driveways, I can hear a but more squeak from the targa. It's nothing major but you can tell something is different. I need to get a proper RSTB. Currently the Comptech. I sold Ross's unt as I was thinking Rollbar. I am gong to revisit the issue with Ross.
you were right, the T chassis is not as stiff as a coupe. so you either had to find ways stiffening up the chassis. or just get a coupe instead.

I can trade you mine. :biggrin: