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MDX nav system in NSX?

26 January 2002
In the middle
I have an opportunity to pick up a complete nav system from a MDX which IMO is one of the best nav systems out there. The unit controls both nav and air conditioning functions. Assuming I get a new center console and fit the screen/controls into a new opening, does anyone know if it could integrate and control my NSX A/C system as well? (Yes I know it might be easier to just buy a new aftermarket all-in-one unit but the price is “right” on the MDX system).
I did a retrofit / install of the 2004 TL navigation system. Leave the climate control integration out... it's more trouble than it's worth...

You have to figure out all of the voltages and signals from the OEM unit, match them up with the MDX control unit and the NSX HVAC. I poured over the schematics of the TL and NSX for weeks trying to convince myself that I could do it... I decided not to do it... the buttons would not have looked good plus the climate control on the TL and the MDX require an additional control module that links to the Nav and to the actual HVAC unit.

Hope this helps.
H-carWizKid said:
Do you have pictures of this? Did you carry over the Bluetooth integration capability?

I've got all the pictures up on my photo Gallery...


Yes, I incorporated the Bluetooth as well as the XM and DVD-A 6 disc changer.

The only 3 things I did not carry over was;

- the climate control
- unfortunately the clock that get it's time from the GPS... Still trying to think of a way further down the road to add the GPS clock...
- the MID display for the Bluetooth HFL, but also thinking of a way to incorporate this later.

It's still not done as I was contemplating the clock and MID display... Iv'e decided to just finish the trim and make more mods later so I'll update with the latest pictures when it's done.
lithiumus, im interested in doing the same thing you did or at least something similar

can i ask where you got the TL nav and audio system? and how much?
Just a friendly warning that this project is a real commitment and not for the faint of heart! Audio shops won't touch it due to the hardware not supported by Honda / Acura and the fact that replacement value is too high and they can't warrantee the work.

Honda / Acura won't touch it as it is really just a hack job using thier hardware in an unsupported manner.

I got my unit from a person who owned a TL and ended up gutting the interior and turning it into a show car.
Great job with the install. Very impressive work and what I like about it is that it looks like something honda should have done to our cars a long time ago. Very nice!

If you've got the MDX or TL nav system, here's an interesting utility I stumbled upon:


Discussion here:


It allows you to modify the boot file so you can change the startup image, get rid of the nav nag message, change various text around etc. If you look on the actual DVD there are a bunch of image files you should be able to replace as well (I haven't experimented with this yet). I'm going to take a crack at this in the next few days on my '05 MDX and see how it turns out. I may even grab an SH4 disassembler and dig a bit deeper to see if any other things can be modified :)