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Meet Mark Basch


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11 December 2000
Chantilly, VA
Mark Basch and Dan Howell will be doing some work in my car at Curry’s auto Service in Sterling VA. Mark said he enjoys an audience and you are invited to see the shop and meet Mark Basch and Dan Howell. I bought Mark’s old Comptech, which he will bring out and install on my 91. Mark’s Basch Boost supercharger production line has not caught up with the demand and they are not available until sometime soon after the first of the year. Future installations of the Basch Boost superchargers can be scheduled when they are available.

Curry’s is located about 3 miles from Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. Curry’s has specialized in European cars (BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz), but has hired the local NSX expert, Dan Howell from Pohanka Acura, to focus on the performance import market. Curry’s has a new dyno (good for 1,400 hp), so cars can be baselined prior to any modifications. I know that the Comptech will not produce the high horse power number that the Basch Boost is capable of generating, but it should be a significant improvement over stock.

Curry’s Auto Service, attention Chris
1510 Moran Road
Sterling, VA 20166
(571) 522-1002

December 27, 2001
December 28, 2001

Post if you are interested in stopping by.

Roy Ebert
You will be amazed at that difference in power! It feels like a different car after the supercharger is installed.

Have fun, I wish I could be there.
We don’t have definitive plans, but I thought we could go out for dinner. If you have some thoughts we can discuss them with Mark and Jane. I am sure that everybody would be welcome to attend.
I am totally bummed! I will be going out of town on the 27th so I won't be able to make it. It's killing me that I live so close but will miss the opportunity by one day. Enjoy your new level performance and the visit from Mark. I would really like to meet him at some point.
I would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday!! I know that most people have family commitments over the Holidays, as it should be. However, if circumstances permit, come on by and meet Mark Basch this next week in Northern Virginia. It looks like he will be there for portions of the 29th as well. Again, here is wishing you a very Happy Holiday!
Thanks for setting everything up Roy! It was good to meet you guys. Be sure to let us know how you like the car with the supercharger.

Jason - Sorry you didn't make it!
Hey guys, I apoligize that I couldn't make it up. I had some last minute circumstances come up. Please let keep us posted on how you like your new addition.

Originally posted by Lud:
What is the schedule for the two days? Are you guys doing anything Thursday night?

Lud, Roy, Ted, All- It was a blast hanging in Va for a few days. Roys car got road tested last night and seems quite perfect. Bummer- dyno tech stayed late tll we finished the car, but the dyno had some technical difficulties. Car dyno'd at 371 which is way high for the mods we did. Mustang is sending out a tech on Thursday and Roy will have his son Michael bring the car back for a few pulls.

Cold weather not withstanding (its 20 degrees out there this morning and I'm going home to warm Phoenix in an hour or so) the trip was great. You Va owners are a great bunch. It was so nice for Lud to drive two hours Thurs night to have dinner with us, and for Roy to host the whole thing. Special thanks also to the guys at Curry Auto- I would let these guys do certain work on my NSX without fear, and that's not easy for me to say.

I don't know if Va really is for lovers, but it sure works for NSX owners and visitors.

Cheers, and Happy Holidaze
Mark Basch
I have had a very educational and exciting couple of days working with Mark Basch. Mark, although quite busy, traveled to Virginia to install his old Comptech supercharger on my 91 NSX. While he was here he worked on my transmission (snap ring range) by installing a new upper case, close ratio gears, and then a new clutch. It was a pleasure to watch and occasionally “help” Mark over the course of the past few days. Mark is amazing in his detailed knowledge of each and every part, screw, nut, and wire that came off and went on the car. As important as his technical expertise, he is a gentleman and very professional in every way.

I now have a car with more power than I expected from this installation. Mark installed his pulley, which provides slightly higher boost than the Comptech high boost setup. I had not had the opportunity to drive in a supercharged NSX prior to my installation and as a result did not have a good appreciation for the performance the supercharger provides. The car feels very fast. It is unfortunate that there was a problem with the calibration/software of the dyno and as a result I do not have accurate horsepower numbers to post. Their dyno is very new and it seems that those types of problems can occur while you are sorting out the machine. I hope to have updated power numbers next week if all goes well.

Curry’s Auto Service provided terrific support for this installation and their facilities. I would like to thank Matt, Chris, Mike and Dan for their support, late hours, and commitment. They made us feel welcome and went out of their way to help. It would be hard to imagine a better environment (people and facility) to do this installation.

Lud and Ted Treece each drove a long distance to talk with Mark and see the installation in progress. I know that others would have liked to have made it, but it was on short notice and over the holiday week.

So now the race is on to get some miles on the car before winter forces the car to the garage. I want to go looking for opportunities to display the newly acquired power.

Thanks to all.
Well, I guess It's my turn on Saturday...MB will be installing a CTSC on my '91. Thanks for the interesting thread on the subject it has helped add to my excitement. Enjoy!
Just wanted to finish this thread. The problem with the dyno was after a computer failure, the settings were all set to the factory defaults and not applicable for this configuration. After resetting the parameters and calibrating the unit the car had four pulls within about 1-2 hp.

Results are:
318 hp @ 7500 rpm
234 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm

Headers go on next and I will update the numbers. I would assume about 10 from the headers?
Here are some photos Roy e-mailed me:

Transmission Out

Short Gears

Mark Basch

Supercharger Almost Done

Supercharger Complete

Post-supercharger Dyno Testing
The wheels are Work model VS-SS. 17x7.5 fronts and 18x9.5 rears. They are a glossy deep gray rather matte. The person that sold me the wheels told me that the color was called Black Fire. I liked the deep dish of the rear wheels.