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More Fisker fires

And so, Ellen's plan is almost complete...muahahahahaha....


These are great cars like the FD when they were first released with their fire issues when the fuel line hose would pop off over the exhaust since it didn't have clamps (yes Mazda was very Nazi about keeping the FD light in weight to the point that the car started to have "soul").

Why would I say that?

Well I and I'm sure many of you can think of parts of the house that needs remodeling.

Perhaps there are an entire house that you like to demolish for a new one.

How about getting outta that car that you can't quite sell due to the depressed market, etc.?

I can tell you why my friend bought one. Because he is not a non believer in global warming, because he believes in the environment and because he has the funds and willingness to take a personal risk which he was fully aware of, to help move a technology along. He was the buyer of the first Prius to come out in new England as well. He can afford anything he wants, but chose this car to help companies like fisker develop their technology. This car came to market prematurely due to politics. Fisker was forced to release new models before they had time to fully bake. Nonetheless with any new technology there are problems. Someone has to take the risk, and since he could afford to do so, he has. He would do it all over again, he has told me.

I am not sure all buyers are like him but he is probably not the only one.