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NavPod GPS/Camera

16 July 2016
Hey everybody,

I'm not very talented at all when it comes to these things, but i'd love to get a navpod set up with a navigation system/backup camera. It's not the kind of thing I could do myself, but would it be a good idea to just buy a navpod and then bring it to a good car stereo shop and ask them what they could do with it?

I've read a couple of other threads, could I just ask them to set up a 7 inch Garmin GPS or something and a backup camera and wire it all in? Would your average shop be able to rig up some kind of custom bracket to fit in the frame of the honda navpod?
Yes you could. But make sure you get the nav pod mounting bracket, to avoid drilling into the dash. Maybe sos still have them in stock.
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maybe a aftermarket double din is a better way forward. I just prefer to not use my phone for GPS.

It's a superior way forward:

1. No clutter of extra parts dangling around in the tiny cockpit
2. Modern & Cleaner looking
3. Adds a real up to date infotainment system to a car that has cassette player
4. built in GPS
5. Sounds better
6. back up camera

and on and on and on
I think Alpine CDE-HD149BT is one of the best double din head units. it is equipped with some premium features such as internet radio control, inbuilt Bluetooth, HD radio tuner etc.