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Need Help From the Largest NSXPRime Community Ripoff

28 June 2005
Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, CA & Bangkok Thaila
Hi Guys,

My name is Ton and I reside in Thailand. Some of you may have heard of how sketchy Ross Iaranelli is, but never as much until now. Before I decided to leave the US back to my country I bought 2 right hand drive vehicles; Hondas of course. So this Ross guy. Ross Iaranelli. Please locate where he is for me. Because he is trying to pull in over 100K just by fraud. I have 3 vehicles with him. I am an international person but I hope everyone would help me because this is someone who comes highly recommended by the community. Not completing your car project not bad enough? Imagine that person selling your car parts because he thinks he can get away because I am not in the US.

Ross Iaranelli; owner of STMPO; if u guys could help; thank you; I need it badly; because this asshole is not only not making up to his commitments; he is trying to steal my 3 cars there; I am in Thailand; not so bad; please help
Have you engaged legal counsel on this? Seems to me I would start there and also file a police report. Then you can decide on your next move.
Yeah. I figured

Ross is not responding to emails or phone. The combined value of all the parts I purchased, plus cash, and parts already on the cars is just right at 100grand. This has got to be the sketchiest vendor in the history of NSX Prime or any car website.

When you rip somebody off of this magnitude, do people really plan to get away unscathed?

Appreciate if anyone knows where this sucker is or any contact. Even his parents contact would do. Everyone needs to know and be aware of such a person so everyone can stay away.

If I go down there; it ain't gonna be pretty.

Do you live in Thailand or the US?
I see you have many addresses.

If you are out $100K don't waste your time on a forum.
Get professional help to find out where Ross resides, and file suit as Speedmaster suggests.

No point talking about what you're going to do to Ross on a public forum
It's adds no value and doesn't get your problem solved.
Get it sorted out and then tell the forum how it came out.
Very sorry to hear this sticky rice. However, being that you are a foreigner it makes it that much easier for this slime ball to get away with things. Out of country owners is who Hennessey ripped off the most too and he got off clean on numerous occasions. It might be a good idea to sign over the titles to someone you trust here in the states so that they can start legal action against him unless you have already started doing so?