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Need help identifying this part

11 May 2021
Acadiana, Louisiana
Hi all, I have a 1991 JDM NSX that I've been working on lightly restoring for a couple of years now, and I'm finally getting close to getting the car back on the road to enjoy.

I'm hoping one of you folks might know what the part number is for this floor mat holder or where I can find at least a couple of them, ideally a full set of four. It seems like it should have been on parts diagram B-36, because floor mats and a holder appear on the 2002-2005 diagrams, but I already sourced one of the 83605-SL0-A00 parts and it isn't the same, it's just a black pin, where mine are red and have a twist lock. If it helps, my floor mats have two grommets on each side. I can't find the part anywhere in my JDM parts diagram book or the Acura parts diagrams, so I'm really hoping one of you can come in clutch here.

I've attached a couple of pictures I took of one of the good ones I've taken out of the car.

Thanks for any help y'all may be able to give me.


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I've attached a picture of the driver's side mat (RHD), as well as a picture of the floor pan where these screw on. The all black part with the pin is 83605-SL0-A00 and might work, but the red one seems to be more "right".

I got this answer from Mita Motorsports this morning:

This hook was an option for the first few NSX models. However because it was an accessory option to accomodate for the first generation style floor mats, it is not able to be ordered anymore. Floor mats were actually an accessory option here in Japan while in the USA it was a more common item and available through the parts lists.

Based on that, I'm guessing my best bet would be the black pins, but if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears.


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I looked on Amayama but it doesn't look like they show that option. But you could dig around there to see if you can find it somewhere. If it was an optional part, in Japan, only for a few years, 30 years ago. It's unlikely you're going to be able to order it. I also checked a few auction sites (yahoo japan, etc) and couldn't find that part.



As reported by Mita Motorsports, in Japan, the red twist-lock type anchor was sold as part of the floor mat set.
It was sold as optional accessory and thus, not on the parts system and not sold separately.

The black anchor will work just fine.

My NSX is also JDM and I have the OEM floor mat like yours.
Mine has my name on the plate as well.

When I wanted to create the aftermarket mat for other RHD owners, I took my OEM mat to the manufacture and asked them to take measurement.
Above photos are of aftermarket mat.
For the anchor, I ordered the black one 83605- as per photo.

That's very useful information, thanks Kaz!

I still have the twist lock part of the damaged anchor, and the black anchor seems to have an identical piece of sheet metal, so I may try to fabricate a good part out of the two pieces. It's definitely nice to see that the black anchors will just work though.