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need help on engine build for FI

1 April 2006
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am in the midst of building a new engine for FI. The sleeves have been bored by Dan Benson. I bought a race engine rotating parts from FXMD. A 3.2 replica of their race engine.

The parts have been balanced by a machinist. The main and conrod bearings were installed according to instructions. The clearance are within specifications. However, 5 of the 6 conrods do not have any lateral freeplay where it is connected to the crankshaft. The moment at least 2 of the conrods are tightened the cranshaft wont rotate.

We have checked the main and conrod bearings clearance and they are all within OEM and BC (aftermarket) recommended specifications.

I am at a lost on how to resolve this issue. Shall i get the machinest to machine of the side of the conrods to create a slight lateral freeplay with the crankshaft?

Any ideas, advice and suggestions are welcomed.
The problem could have been resolved. Thanks to Dan Benson who did the sleeve and Ken of FXMD who advised me over the email. Both your help is much appreciated. The oversized (width) con rod bearings are the culprit.