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Need help

17 June 2021
Hi all owners

I have just enter the nsx scene.

Just important a 90 nsx manual. When I turn on my air-conditioning I realise the center vent Is flowing little to no wind.

I tried different mode and it's the same. All cents are blowing even the leg vent is too when it is in all mode.

Any one to shed some lights on this issue ?

Hi Tim,
I own a 90 nxs manual. I too had the same problem with the air-conditioner of my car.
But I got it repaired from a car mechanic. They said that it occured due to shortage of gas in air-conditioner.
Hope this helps you.

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I needed to re-gas my air con when I bought my nsx, but I didn't have an air flow issue.
It would blow hard but not produce any cooling.
If you're not getting enough blow, you may want to check to see if the fan is working properly or if something is blocking or leaking from your system.
Hope that helps.
I'm not sure if this will address your specific issue (I think it will) but a very common problem on old NSX's is the electronic control unit in the center console. [MENTION=7588]Briank[/MENTION] offers a service to rebuild the circuit board in the CCU to fix this.