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HELP: air condition center part not blowing

17 June 2021
Hi all owners,

I just got a 90 nsx , I tried turning on the air condition , all vents ( including the leg compartment) was blowing , however the center part vent is blowing minimal even though I have switched to highest blow.

And no matter which mode I chose its the same.

Please shed some lights.

Check your owner's manual. In it, you will find a self test procedure for the climate control unit which cycles the CCU through all its operation modes. When it does this, you can hear all the vent doors opening and closing on the heater / evaporator unit. I suspect that one of the vent operating motors is dead / jammed. That will become apparent if you fail to get air from the center vent when the CCU cycles through that position. If something is wrong with the actuator motor, then you are going to need the service manual (you can find links t free .pdf versions is you search on Prime) because repair is not going to be trivial.

Has a previous owner messed with the center console (aftermarket stereo)? If so, during reassembly they might have screwed up the duct connection. You would actually have to be a bit of a klutz to do that; but, anything is possible. That will become apparent when you remove the center console to get access to the heater / evaporator unit.
There might be some issues with language?

It might be that the center vent isnt running as cool?

Or it could be an internal baffle is not working?
Hi gents

It's actually both issue, one the center part is blowing only minimal wind even with the highest blow setting. I tried closing the vents on the door and it doesn't make any different in the fan speed.

Secondly, when I try to change mode, no matter which I chose , all the vent are still on other than the center part.

If any one have experience this, please shed some lights.