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Need spring rates 02+ USDM

26 February 2006
California Republic
So I've looked around and found the rates for USDM 91-97, along with JDM Type R up to 2002.

However, I'd like to find the rest of the rates from 98-05 USDM. My car needs more suspension tuning again lol. Turns out, going from Tein RE to Bilstein on 91 springs is sweet in terms of handling in the rough and ride in town BUT I'd like firmer oem springs. When the road turns butta smooth and the turns get more aggressive, the tires are glued but the steering feel and body feel is "too" chushy when the road is perfect now. Basically, I went from feeling like I was driving a race car to driving a sports car with my recent suspension changes. I wanna meet in the middle.

My initial gripe about the nsx when I bought it about 25,000 miles ago was it's slight understeer. Since then I've modded the suspension quite a bit and my driving habits and styles and skills have changed considerably since then. Now, slightly modding my 91 suspension just doesn't hit the spot for me anymore but I'm not willing to go back to rough coilovers or rich enough for Tein Flex at the moment. So I'm playing with the cheapest and most available springs available, USDM oem springs.

I'm looking to stiffen it up abit all the way around from the oem 91 springs but not dramatically change my suspension. I also don't feel like ordering another set of sways yet either.
Check sos site for rates,but looking at your post I would say a nice option for you would be zanardi springs and koni yellows single adjustables.Pretty cheap for how good it is.
Can't you buy Springs from Tein with a lesser spring rate?
I sold the Tein RE. I'm on bilsteins with 91 springs now. I didn't stick with the Tein RE because on the rougher roads where I live, I'd constantly lose the back end. I could of went with the softer rate springs but the Teins would need to be revalved and since they're in the shop for that, might as well rebuild, which would end up costing alot more than I'd care to spend at the time.
The 98-05 springs won't help you much as the springs for a targa generally are softer than for a coupe.

-> Zanardi springs with Bilstein's work great. Konis are noticably stiffer than the Bilsteins.