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New Car Advice "Snap Ring" Issue

18 August 2000
Pittsburgh, PA US
Hi All,

I have an offer to buy a 1992 White/Black Manual NSX with 44K miles for $35K. The car appears to be in excellent condition (tho some mods). I just found out today the it is in the "snap ring range". Should I be cautious buying this car? I've never owned a Honda or Acura but have my current car serviced with a Cadillac dealer owned by the same dealership. I really like the car but the idea of having a $7000 repair bill really scares me away from the purchase. Should I wait until another comes along out of the "snap range"?

Any advice (on the snap ring issue or other 1992 red flags) before I make this very large commitment would be appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance!

I went through the same thing when I bought my 92.

I purchased a car in the snap ring range and paid $750 to do the preventative on it. The preventative was actually close to $2000 but Acura goodwilled half of it and the previous owner pitched in $250. This was at Santa Monica Acura.

Knowing what I know now, I would have purchased the car regardless of the range (as long as the tranny went into gears okay and without grinding). Then, if the tranny started to go, then I would have it fixed and install the short gears, clutch, and flywheel while I was at it.

According to Larry at Team NSX, you don't have to replace the entire tranny so the repair is the same price as the preventative. And there is a good chance that you will never have problems with your tranny anyway even if you are in the snap ring range.

Call Larry at Team NSX and get his advice:

It's very simple. Negotiate as close as you can to a $2000 discount to cover a potential failure. READ THE FAQ. Show the owner all the data you can compile about the "snapring", so he/she knows you are knowledgable and are not BSing him/her. Get the car, put the $2000 in a good investment, have alot of fun, if you really want to do the preventative, or when it breaks, if it breaks, withdraw the $2000 and fix it!!!!!!!!!

Remember EVERY car/boat/train/plane/etc. has its weakness, if you drive the car for, oh, let's say one week, you will not care!! The NSX IS awesome. The smile has not left my face since July '99 when I got my 1991 blk/blk in the "snapring" range still no trans problems! (BTW, I negotiated $2000 off the price on a private sale based on the snapring, the money is still in the bank. Just kidding, my car now has RM Headers and DTM Exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!