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NSX NA1 Snap Ring parts

25 September 2023
Dear All,

Please if you can kindly support me to confirm which material is required to fix the snap ring issue. Is it only the new case ITEM 5 shown in the attached drawing? Is there any other material to be considered?
Don't hesitate to let me know if I am missing something, I just got my NSX and the serial is affected, I don't want to face a possible failure and I plan to get this issue solved.

Thanks again for your support.



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You must replace the transmission case (#5 in your diagram). I also like to replace the snap ring itself (90602-PR8-000).

Also, you may need to select a new differential shim (starting at 41481-PR8-000) to account for the new case. Your mechanic should follow the process on Page 15-12 to 13 of the service manual to select the proper shim for bearing preload.
I recommend you engrave the new case with the invoice number and date of purchase so that everyone knows that it is a updated one. Get it done at a trophy shop, it will be a $20k-$30K question in the near futue.

There is no great way to determine if a case has been replaced. Though it seems if the casing has a black ink stamped number it's a good indicator of an updated case.

I don't recommend that you actually install the casing. The odds are good that everything is good. You'll know when it goes...