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New Member here just saying hi!!!

1 June 2005
Upland, CA
Hey everyone, I decided to join NSXPRime after a few weeks of browsing the boards. I'm 24 years old and live in Southern California. My background for the past several years and even before I could drive involved tuning only European cars mainly Audi/BMW. I've messed with a few EVO 8's but my involvement in the Japanese car world has been very slim, which is odd considering that I'm half Japanese. Anyway, I juggled around the thought of starting up an FD3S project car, looking around at 94-95 R2 models but the money pit horror stories from the Rotory engine sub-par reliability and intense maintenence costs has led me looking at other options. I really like RX-7s though and plan to own one someday, but right now my interest in is the NSX. I always loved the design of the car...simply timeless! And the fact the it didn't change much over the past 18 years of production is a major plus since I can pick up an average mileage 92 or so in the $20K range which is awesome. I've never owned any Honda cars before and never even driven many Hondas, but if I do get one, this is the one to get. So I'm here to learn more about the car and to see if it's something that I should look into in the near future. I probably will end up buying one but I'm in no rush as of now...just casually searching for a nice one. So a quick question: as far as reliability goes, it doesn't seem like much goes wrong with the NSX from what I've heard. Anyone can confirm this? Thanks a lot guys! If you remember how you felt before you bought your NSX when drooling over others with theirs, that's how I feel browsing through this board right now! :biggrin:
welcome! Try the FAQ and the search button for your reliability queries. Been convered many times. Good luck in your search, my NSX is coming next year :D