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New owner! I dream in color, I dream in RED

14 March 2012
Thanks to the NSX Prime community for helping me through my research and decision making process the last two months. It surely seems to have paid off in a beautiful, well maintained car.
Last Thursday I woke up and took the first flight from Omaha to St Louis to pick up my 1996 NSX-T. The previous owner picked me up at the airport, we went to his house, filled out some paperwork, went to the bank at 9am and at 9:15 I began the best 7 hour drive of my life! If anyone is doing the math wondering why in the world it took me 7 hours when an NSX should be able to do that trip in 6.5 or less...its because I stopped to get gas way too often and enjoy more entrance ramps on the way home. :smile:
Though not a fellow Primer, the previous owner could not have been better to work with. He put me in touch with his tech at the local dealer who raved about how well this guy took care of his car as well as the owner before him who said HE took great care of the car, still misses it, what a great transaction he had with my guy when he sold it.
I would have posted this sooner, but I couldn't stop driving the last few days!
By the way, in all the posts I read, I don't remember anyone raving about how comfortable the NSX could be. If it weren't for the mileage factor, I'd happily take this thing on 7 hour drives regularly.


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Congrats ! I tried buying that car. He wouldn't sell to me because he said that car was too nice to be used as a Daily Driver (I drive 80+ miles a day). Nice enough fellow. You got a Good One there
I don't remember anyone raving about how comfortable the NSX could be.
Allow me to be the first then, I LOVE how comfortable this car is to cruise through the miles. I had the same experience when I brought it back from NJ.

Great looking car and always nice to hear about a good buying experience. Have fun with it out there!
Congratulations! Sounds like a very well pampered NSX. NSXs do make great road trip cars, the cockpit is so comfortable and the unobstructed view of the road in front of you is like nothing else I've driven. Enjoy your ownership! :)
Congrats it looks like a nice one!

They only get more comfortable with time in the seat :biggrin:
Nice and clean. Good choice! Red is the only way to go!

Beautiful car. Red is the only way to go the fastest! (It's been said to be the fastest color :cool: )

I'll second how comfortable the NSX seats are to sit in. My wife was in a bad accident years ago when she was 15 and normally can't sit for long, but she loves how comfortable riding in the NSX is for her.

It helps allot when your wife is supportive of your toy.

It appears you will have some very nice days to cruise with your top off.

I had mine out for the first time this year last Saturday. This is the latest in the year I've waited.... too much other stuff going on I guess.

Big Congrats! I know the feeling of the drive home, I did Atlanta
to Fort Worth back in February ... too much fun! Welcome to the
NSX Madness .... Enjoy! Beautiful NSX by the way!
Congrats. I did Raleigh, N.C. to Cleveland, OH. to San Antonio, TX. on my first drive home. Drove 763 mi on one day stopping only for gas and food. The seats are so comfortable and the experience of driving my new toy so exciting that I never got tired. You will never regret the day you bought that beautiful car. Drive it and enjoy it.
Congratulations on a beautiful car.
I drove mine home 1800+ miles in 2 days. I could not stop raving about how comfortable the seats were. I basically stopped for gas and food.
It's funny though. I drove it more in those 2 days than I did in all of 2011.
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Congrats! I'll always remember that first drive (700 miles from Indiana to NC). And ditto on the comfort.
Congrats! :smile: Very clean looking car. Enjoy yourself!!
Nice car, Rod B. in Omaha let me know you got it. I have a silver one in Blair, NE.

I don't quite understand your mileage comment, I'm guessing you want to keep the odometer low and not concerned about mpg. Still I hope you don't regret not driving it more as you approach your final days. Mine has 125k and drives like a new car, and still looks better than most new cars.

You'll find Brezina Auto in Papillion does the best work on these at unbelievable rates. They have done a ton of work/upgrades for me and I couldn't be happier. I have raced my car in the Sandhills race the last 2 summers and hope to start getting a little track time at MAM in Glenwood, IA. If you see a silver NSX come and say hello. I look forward to seeing your car in person, I'm sure it's even better than the pics.

If you go to the NSXPO in Colorado this year maybe we can parade out together.

Paul Hamer
Well done and congrats - looks like a beauty! When I bought my 91 I drove it from Charlotte NC to Virginia Beach (about 5 1/2 hours) - I had only driven one previously about 15 years ago for a 5 minute ride - the drive from Charlotte was more comfortable and fun than had if I been in my Lexus. I do remember thinking how nice the ride was (especially compared to the dozens of prior sports cars I've had).

Enjoy and happy motoring. The NSX is a thrill every time you open the door.

Cheers, Jay