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New owner in SE Michigan

10 April 2008
Northville, Michigan
Greetings from a new NSX'er, we flew into South Carolina to buy a Red/Black 1992 listed here (thanks Prime!)
Here is a summary of our adventure.

It was a very successful weekend.................

We flew to Columbia, SC Friday afternoon and my sister picked Judi and I up at the airport.
From there, we went to her house and made ourselves comfortable before heading over to a local landmark for dinner.
Yes, the Irmo Piggy Park lived up to it's reputation for outstanding BBQ....even if their tradition is to make it mustard-based ;^D
After a stormy but restful night, the owner (Charlie) of the 1992 Acura NSX we flew down to look at brought the car by the house and we gave it a thorough going over.
After a test drive it was time to drive to the bank and transfer the funds, the car was fantastic.
A short time later at the DMV we had our temporary plate and we were ready for the long drive home.
After our "goodbyes" to my sister and Charlie we headed off to the gas station and our awaiting journey.
While pumping some tasty 93 octane a gentleman walks by and says "nice car sir, nice car". A couple minutes later he walks by again and said "I thought it was a Ferrari" and I came right back with "it's just a Honda" :wink:
Classic, just classic!
With the trip odometer zeroed and a full tank, we hit the road at 11am.
I had mapped out a route that took us through some great roads, including the infamous "Tail of the Dragon" section near Deals Gap, TN.
This was also to include a stint on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I was apparently having so much fun that I missed the turn, but we worked our way up to Robbinsville, NC and the Dragon.
Judi and I had been switching off driving, but she wanted me to run through the tight 300+ turns-in-11-miles Dragon.....so I did.
Man, second and third gears all the way through and it was a blast.
We did see the results of some carnage, as a custom chopper had recently had an encounter with a car (the biker and the situation was being attended to by the police, and the ambulance was on its way).
After that, we headed on up to Knoxville and I-75 to click off some miles before calling it a day.
As we're approaching Lexington, it's starting to get dark and we're getting tired and hungry so I'm searching the GPS unit for local eateries when a brewpub off of route 60 pops up.
Perfect, I'm thinkin'....until as we're heading there we find ourselves in what appear to be questionable surroundings in a red car that is drawing a little too much attention so at that point we decided that in retrospect a grilled chicken salad from a McDonald's near the hotel might be a better choice afterall.
The days' results were 10.5 hours of driving (much of it twisty and FUN!) and an indicated 505 miles......not bad at all, and in spite of its sporting pedigree, a testament to how comfortable the car was.
We noticed that the speedometer read a bit high according to both our GPS and the occasional "your speed" devices on the roads around Knoxville, so an indicated 80 was a real 75mph.
The tires, while far from new were the original sizes so I'm not sure why we were almost 7% off but we set our target speeds using the GPS after that.
We left Lexington at 6:30am and went up the road a ways before getting some more fuel for the car and ourselves.
We hit a Waffle House for some pecan waffles and hashbrowns "all the way" (many of you know what this means ;-) so about 100 miles up the road Waffle House hit back ;-O
We got home around 12:45pm, for an indicated 866 (or 812 corrected) miles over 2 days.....and very much bonded with the car.
We saw LOTS of cops along the way, but took it easy and flew under the radar the entire trip.



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Nice looking car. I went to School At USC my freshmen year. SC has cops every 5 minutes. Very hard to speed W/o getting a ticket....

Congrats on new ride
Hey nice to have another NSX in the SE
Welcome aboard. See you at Baker's or at the next drive! Ryan was getting depressed having the only red car.
Thanks guys............

I read about your tire destruction!

This car actually was originally from Atlanta, Charlie was the second owner.

We're very much looking forward to meeting more of the locals :biggrin:

It's a 'C Sports Racer' called a Shelby Can-Am

We actually thought about heading over yesterday, but spent the time recharging our own batteries!

Ugh..................Not another Red one. J/K :tongue: :biggrin:

Congrats on the purchase and hope to meet you soon at one of our meets.

Ryan, you got some more red company. :wink:
Welcome and Congrats on your purchase. She looks nice. Some 17/18" tires and wheels will help with the speedo and look good too.

Let the mods begin!
Congrats and welcome.
awesome looking garage! very beautiful car.
I echo the congratulatory remarks from everyone. It is great to see the local NSX population increasing. Your car looks very clean. Besides Bakers, I was thinking of cruising up to Woodward one of these upcoming Friday or Saturday evenings. I understand things are starting to heat up as we draw closer to the Woodward Dream Cruise. Either way, it will be fun to meet up in person.
Welcome and congrats....look forward to meeting you and checking out the "new" local addition!!
Brian, just curious, did you note you're mpg on the trip?
Brian, just curious, did you note you're mpg on the trip?
Yes, I've always kept a gas / service log on my vehicles so of course started one for the NSX at the first fill-up.
We averaged an indicated 30.1mpg over the 2 days and 800+ miles (on 93 octane), which corrected for our 6.7% speedo error yielded an honest 28mpg.
I had the tire pressures set on the firm side, we almost never needed to run the A/C, and kept the speeds reigned in pretty tightly (just wanted to get home on a temporary plate without hassle), so this will likely be the best fuel economy we'll ever see :wink:

Whats up with the speedo error? Wheels?
I wish I knew................
The wheels are stock with well worn original sized (205/50/15 & 225/50/16) tires.
I have read elsewhere on this forum that a 3-5% speedo error (reads higher than actual speed) has been considered 'normal' for these cars, so maybe the extra bit we saw was due to the fairly low tread remaining on the rears (???)

Picking up and driving it home on a road trip is the most exciting part of ownership.
Can't go wrong with Waffel House.
Nice find, very nice.

I see once you have an S2000 you really do need to get the big brother.
My wife now drives the S2000 full time in the summer.
OK, after 5 great years of stewardship I just had to bump this thread!

On our way home from picking up this car in 2008 we ran the Tail of the Dragon from South to North, and snapped a picture.
On our way to NSXPO 2013 in Raleigh we decided to run the Dragon from North to South on the way there, so took the appropriate picture once again.

Just wanted to share the moment, that's all ;^D

June 2008 on a SC 'temp' plate;
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/64953781@N05/10403736226/" title="NSX conquers the Dragon by NSXbrian, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7414/10403736226_4e52558fd5_o.jpg" width="640" height="480" alt="NSX conquers the Dragon"></a>

Fast Forward to October 2013, same enthusiastic 'thimbs up';
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/64953781@N05/10403464095/" title="IMG_0779 by NSXbrian, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3784/10403464095_22bdff5638_o.jpg" width="640" height="480" alt="IMG_0779"></a>
ahhh the memories......good catching up with you guys at xpo!