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Not the kind of wing I wanted on the back of mycar

7 March 2004

Forgot to put the cover on.
Thankfully the scratches buffed out. I wanted to kill that bird. My wife took the picture while I was at work.
I was going to say...did u really go get a camera and not shot him off your car? lol

That's classic!
That is awesome! I love those birds and I probably would have tried to get it spread it's feathers. However they are mean m-effers.
I'd say this bird made matt's Nsx look rather "elegant" ...
LOL Time to enclose that carport! Buy a few pieces of plywood and enclose the walls a bit and put a garage door on that sucker... problem solved.

And still use your car cover! :)

Funny pic! :eek:
Is that a chicken???

I LIKE CHICKEN! :biggrin:

Nate in DC
Those things have got some MEAN @ss claws! It'll scratch the hell outta your car. Oh yeah and MEAN @ss turds that'll definitely eat through your paint in well under an hour!
I never thought this could go sexual, good laughs. My wife knew I would be pissed, but if she tried to scare it off, he would scratch worse. I have been planning on enclosing and enlarging the garage to fit my new 2 post lift. He actually likes shiny things and prefers the car because he can see his reflection in it. We say he thinks "pretty car for pretty bird" he is so vain