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NSX Clock Replacement Alternative

7 May 2018
San Jose
Allows you to use a cheaper digital clock if yours is broken. Mounts with double side tape. Thanks to @Wild Turkey for doing all the heavy lifting on this.


Looks great! Thank you both for your hard work. While I don't have clock problems, it might be a cool remix to work this in with an Integra/civic/Accord clock of the same era.
Send me the details on the clock (or the actual clock) you're talking about & I could take a look. Very likely could be incorporated fairly easily. At this point the OEM clock is still available for <$200, but in the future...

OP, could well be worth some tweaking on the print settings for a more OEM look.
Very interesting. This could also support my and @MotorMouth93 's super long term project of eventually replacing the clock LED with a LED-based info screen for the ECU....