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NSX Comptech Widebody $7,000 ??

5 September 2000
Does any one on this board have this kit on?
What does it include, and are those quorter panels aluminum or fiber glass. Maybe some one have more pictures of it, please post it. Thx

It is awsome kit but it sure is a lot of money for it. On comptech web site they give so little info for such a big price

ditto I would love to hear more info on this kit as well. Comptech didn't do a very good job of advertising it on their web site. Can't really get a good idea of what it has to offer from those pics...

When I visited the Comptech office last time I was in Sacramento, I was told by Shad that the kit is made by Wings West. The same company that does a bolt on flares that is featured in the photo gallery.

Since they are making the wide body kit exclusively for Comptech, they don't sell it under their name.

I too like the look of the kit, but I'm not sure if I want to change the geometry of the suspension, since the tires are sticking out so much farther with totally different offsets wheels and/or spacers to fill the wheel well. And the added weights... you need to get a CT SC to maintain the performance of the car.

According to Team NSX in Huntington Beach, CA, the quality and fitment of the wide body kit is substandard. Since I didn't inspect the kit up close I can't really comment on that. Any after market is going to work damn hard to try match the quality of the original body work by Honda.

Not sure if it is fiber glass, but for sure it is not aluminum. I hope this helps.

I think the kit is made out of fiberglass. Fromt what I can see it replaces the front fenders, front bumper, lower door sills/sideskirts, new air dam, rear wing, and rear fenders. That is what I can tell but I don't have the kit so I can't say for sure.
I look forward to seeing what someone else has to say about it.
I think there is a frequent contributor to this list from the "Republic of Austin Texas" that has this kit. Perhaps he can enlighten us. I think it's the best looking body kit I've seen for the NSX.
I have the kit on my '91 and have done a lot of posts about it, but will try to organize those random tidbits into a more coherent discourse.

First the negatives. It is heavy. Probably adds a couple of hundred pounds to the car, so don't install unless you are willing to give up a tenth or so or have a modified drive train. I have a heavily modified motor and feel the extra traction I get from the wide tires more than offsets the weight increase.

Second, it really is a body kit, not just some bolt-on rocker panels and a front air dam, so it is a major undertaking. You will be replacing all four quarter panels, the front and rear bumpers and the rear wing. If you want it, find a good custom shop with lots of fiberglass experience.

Now the good news. First, it looks incredible. This is what the car should have looked like from the factory. It really transforms it from a sports car to an exotic, but in a very nicely designed way. It is not 'ricey' at all like the JDM 'boy racer' looking kits. It was designed by someone from the Honda SoCal design studio, who presented it to Honda Japan as an evolution/update for the NSX. They declined (production numbers too low to bother to retool). So, he offered the design to Comptech, because of their close realtionship with Honda.

To give you some idea of the visual impact of the car, mine is in Bob Norwood's shop next to Testarossas, an F40 and an F50 and visitors routinely walk by the Italian cars to stare at mine. It is hard to really appreciate how pretty the new body is until you see it in person.

It will allow you to go to substantially larger tires and wheels. I have 18x12 wheels in the rear with 335s. To put that in perspective, that is the same rear tire/wheel size on the Viper.

I am very happy with mine and have no regrets whatsoever. When I see a stock NSX now, it looks a bit puny to me.
Do you have any pics of your car with this Comptech body kit. I'm sure the car looks GREAT with this kit on. So the quorter panels and fenders are made out of fiber glass that have to be custom fit? Right?


I don't have any digital photos to post, but it has been in most of the NOPI 'Drag Wars' ads over the past several months. If you are near Dallas, feel free to stop by Norwood AutoCraft and take a look at it.

The panels are fiberglass and are complete pieces that replace the stock parts. They bolt into the stock mounts, but obviously you would also want to bond them along the joints.

I am pulling the motor out of my car to do some minor work and I am also replacing my Bell kit with a single large turbo, so I won't have the car back for at least a month. I will take and post some photos when I can.