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NSX For Sale

12 May 2007
Wichita, KS
I'm not selling mine, but my friend is selling his so I thought i'd post it up here.

He is selling a 1997 Black/black Targa. 18k miles, all paperwork including window sticker, car cover, front license plate bracket (never installed). Its absolutely beautiful. Its never seen rain/snow. IIRC he stated it still has the factory wax on the vehicle. He's asking 54k. You can view his add at here


Anyhow carry on :smile:
You must obey the rules like everyone else ,please read the rules,for sale forum requires mod ok.This will be deleted or at least moved.
Should be in NSXs for Sale. Craig's list Ad didn't specify color for Craig's list audience.
I think that is a lot to ask for a 97. Just my take on it. Even if it has low miles that is crazy money for 11 year old NSX. I would think it would be more in the mid 40's.

Update: I check check our ads and there is a 03' for sale for roughly 7k more. That decision would be easy. The 03' only has 24k miles on it.
As my Sig line says.....
but for that money I will have to pass, would love to have a 02 or newer for that! IMO:smile: