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NSX Race car on Ebay--anyone watching?

looks to me to be the pikes peak car.It has run at previous expos.
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looks to me to be the pikes peak car.It has run at previous expos.

I believe you are correct--I'm under the impression that this IA the Pikes Peak Acura. Info from Will Cantrell:

"This car used to be the Pikes Peak Acura car. I heard they were selling it a few years ago, maybe they did. The Ebay listing says ScienceofSpeed body, but it's a Cantrell Concepts carbon fiber body. These were actual lightweight carbon/nomex honeycomb/epoxy parts, not the cosmetic carbon fiber fair that you see on most street cars. The hood was specially made for this car. It weighed only 6.5 pounds, three pounds lighter than the standard version we made and one third the weight of the stock aluminum hood."

I'm down Friday for a serious look, after having spoken to the seller.
Maybe some of us SoCal guys should do a group bid. That way we all could use it and we could store it at Spring Mountain. I would be willing to put up a few grand.

Just a thought.
Why mess with a good thing! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

I still can't figure out the purpose of the huge hatch duct. Someone enlighten me.

Aesthetic. If it had ITB, would have made more sense.
De-brief after spending time with 22 time champion and original owner Bob Boileau III, who is GM of the PPIR facility in Fountain, CO:

1. Car is complete and all first class--runs in Super Touring (NASA), also SCCA (but I don;t know the classification)
2. Car comes with ALL OEM fenders, hood, etc. which are perfect
3. Car is a bit more than I can handle - this is a really fast and well sorted controllable rocket
4. Cantrell Concepts bodywork w/an exceptionally light (6.5 pounds) hood. For more info, ping Will Cantrell. Will told me that when the car was built thru Pikes Peak Acura, NO expense for quality safety and reliability was spared. First class all the way.
5. CT supercharger
6. New '01 6 speed with maybe 200 miles

Impressions: if I were a better driver now, I would be telling you of my newest NSX

Bob offered to store it, set it up for me, help with coaching, etc. They take their racing development program very seriously; I am sure he will do the same for the future owner.

If you go down, be sure to ask for a ride in Bob's Datsun truck!! What a thrill for me!

Someone will be getting a great deal at $55K.
I wish I had more time in my days now to start my racing education... Car was sold for $44,800!! Great deal for the winner...
sounds like a good deal...
why wouldnt it be street legal? no vin's how does it have a clear title? I see no reason why this cant drive on the street. put some stock seats back in and an airbag. drive it home.
They do list a VIN, so I don't know where you get that it doesn't have one. It would not be street legal because the original seat belts and airbags are removed (as you noted), it is not emissions controlled (no cats, OBD2 ECU removed, etc), racing slicks, no rear brake light, etc. Rear lexan glass, roll cage, some of the body work, and other items may also make it not street legal. At least it is a very bad idea to drive on the street with a roll cage without a helmet...if you care about an intact skull. The "not street legal" isn't that it can't be made to be street legal...but that it isn't in current form (and it would be kind of against the point of this car to to go through the expense/effort to bring it back to street legal).

The no VIN comment is kind of funny since they (Pikes Peak Acura) did once have a blue (1997?) NSX for sale without a VIN. It was some kind of promotional or pre-production vehicle that year that Acura/Honda ultimately gave to PPIR (Pikes Peak International Raceway) to use as a pace car.
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When bidding was stalled at $34995 I was tempted to bid 35k. I woulda been pissed if it had sold for 34.9k and not to me. Still a dissapointment I'm sure to the seller who apparently was hoping for 10k more.