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NSX vs. s2000 CR: A comparison of autocross potential

22 July 2007
Austin, TX
I've posted this here instead of the "comparison" sub-forum because this is more track/autocross/racing oriented than it is "OMG my car is better than yours".

At the autocross this past weekend, I got the chance to double enter in my own car (NSX) and a fellow competitor's s2000 CR. Now for those of you that aren't aware, the NSX and s2000 compete in the B-stock class in SCCA autocross, and the s2000 (especially the CR variant) has been dominant. I have won a few Pro Solo's in the NSX, and I won the Pro Finale last year in an s2000 CR. But until today, I have never had the chance to drive both cars on the same day. So it presented a good opportunity to compare the 2 cars.

Full report + video: http://nsxftw.blogspot.com/2012/08/b-stock-comparison-nsx-vs-s2000-cr.html

Cliff's notes: In just 3 runs, I went over 3 tenths faster in the s2000 CR than the NSX. As far as autocross goes, the s2000 is a better tool for the job.

Nonetheless, in 3 weeks, I will be competing in the Pro Solo Finale and National Championships in the NSX.
I did a double stint autox many moons ago in my s2000 and nsx same day...nsx was mid pack s2000 was ftd.......so the nsx became the roadcourse car, the s2k cone dancer.
Nice little writeup. As a guy who did solo1 in my supercharged NSX and now own a CR (and will take it to the track for the first time this Fri), your post is most appreciated.

I'm not surprised the CR tops the NSX on the autocross track, given the lower weight, comparable HP output, and the shorter wheelbase of the S2K. The NSX is built for and excels in wide open tracks with long straightaways and sweepers. It was designed to be a GTR afterall, vs the traditonal, focused sports car that is the S2000.

Best to own both cars :cool:
My eyes are now crossed after watching the side by side video:wink:
My eyes are now crossed after watching the side by side video:wink:

haha, I just posted the individual videos in a subsequent post.

And sorry for all the wind noise :/
Looks like fun! The CR is an amazing machine! Thanks for sharing and good luck in your upcoming events!
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So far I'm loving my CR and I suspect I'll feel even more of that love once its sees the track :)

I just love how stuck up, pretentious colleagues have poo-poo'd my decision to buy a CR after selling the NSX. They have no idea...
I auto Crossed my NSX once. I didn't think it was a great car for it due to the tall first gear. Stuck to track events after that. It was boring as hell also waiting 2 hours for 30 seconds of fun.