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NSXCC - Fall Cruise - Waterdown, Halton Hills, Caledon Sun Oct 14 2012

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30 December 2007
Richmond Hill, ON
It’s that time of year again. On Sunday Oct 14, NSXCC is hosting our annual fall cruise.



This is typically our biggest (20+ NSXs in 2011) cruise of the year as we drive through some of Ontario’s finest towns to see the change in fall colors, so be sure to bring along your camera fully charged. We would also recommend bringing your GMRS/FRS radios as this will be our longest cruise of the season, so a radio would likely keep you on track.



We will start our drive from Burlington and take our cruise north and eastwards through some of the back roads around Waterdown, Kilbride, Halton Hills, Terra Cotta, Forks of the Credit with our final destination being Millcroft Inn Caledon, where we will enjoy a 3-course pre-fix meal for $40 pp (taxes and gratuities included).



Meeting Point
Location: Tim Hortons (1220 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario)
Time: 900am
Departure: 945am


We do need to inform the host restaurant of our head count, so at your earliest please respond to the post and indicate if you are bringing a co-pilot.

***Car photos courtesy of Scarfone Photography***

What are you still waiting for, sign up right here:

1) Owen($)
2) Bram & Nancy($)
3) Sean & Patti($)
4) Mario($)
5) Shawna($)
6) Russ & Carlotta($)
7) Jordan & Jamie($)
8) Sean B($)
9) Henry($)
10) Kenny H($) (no lunch)
11) Robert M +1($)
12) John D +1($)
13) Ed & Natashja($)
14) John 02 Spa
15) Jeff M($)
16) Johnny J
17) Bruno & Jen($)
18) Garrick & Maddie($)
19) Daria & Glynis($)
20) Lionel
21) Edward K +1($)
22) John & Marilyn($)
23) Rick M +1($)
24) Rob A +1
25) Mike T +1($)
26) Rick J +1($) (no lunch)
27) John G($)
28) Paul K
29) Rick S & Carlos($)
30) Danny M($)
31) Bhash & Urbee($)
32) Chris W($)
33) Roger D($) (no lunch)
34) John X +1($)
35) Stu($)(no cruise, just lunch)

- John S & Carol
- Richie

Starting Monday Sept 24, Millcroft Inn is offering our event their reduced overnight rate of $159+HST (no resort fees) as part of our event package. So to those who are looking to stay a night or two, the option is available. You may call (starting Monday Sept 24) 1-800-383-3976 and reference NSX Club of Canada to book.
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I'm in, how esle will I get my poster??
Was comtemplating on storing the car at the end of the month so I could get a start on my '02 conversion. May have to put a hold on that and meet the gang for the first time.
Owen, what is the intersection on Brant Street please.........
I will try to make it but can't commit 100% yet.
But my friend and new member John Diamond will be there.
possiblity me + 1
Wow! 15 cars and 26 people after only two days. We're on pace to have the greatest Autumn gathering since the Mayflower landed.
Subscribed - and checking with Co-pilot.
so, that would be 15 cars and 1 Porsche? Maybe Dave can join in too......
Interesting fact.

Harley Davidson hired a company for engine design.
It wasn't Honda.
There are Porsche crests with engines designed in Germany in those Hogs.

Maybe Shawna's right, and a Porsche isn't just a car like an NSX.

I'll see if Dave is free. Then it will be 2 Porsches and some cars.
Good one Sean :biggrin:.........mind you HD did partner with Ford and come up with some silly p/u truck that cost a fortune cuz it has HD chrome and emblems, then they partnered with some German car company and came up with an engine that goes fast and sound like a HD - I think it was the kind you drive...........just a car and a bike, but what a TEAM
Finally have someone to drive up from London with.:smile:

just not sure if that gt3 can keep up with me........

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