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NSXPO 2012 - Any Midwesterners driving out?

1 May 2001
Point of No Return
This year I may finally have the time to drive to NSXPO out in Boulder, CO and was wondering if anyone from the Midwest (or people passing through it) were planning to drive out to NSXPO?

If I go, I am driving. Just wanted to see who else may be doing the same for the sake of a caravan.
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Liz and I are driving out in the NSX and Noble. Would be interested in going as a group
I've driving my NSX out there if it's ready to go from Cody at LoveFab by that time! :) (fingers crossed) But then again Denver is only 6 hrs from my doorstep...lol.
Planning on at least 2 days so leaving Tuesday? but we are open.

It isn't too bad, I actually bought a car in Denver and drove it home in 1 day, landed in Denver at 6, drove until I found a hotel room (7 hours later since it was right before the bikefest in South Dakota) and then drove home to AA. Also drove the NSX out to XPO in Vegas, would have taken 2 days except for unforseen issues with the tow vehicle. Great drive and I decided that I would try to drive to XPO and see the country. Use to do this as a kid with my folks and never appreciated it until now. The NSX is a great cruising car and XPO is definitely worth the event. If you can get time off, you should definitely consider attending.
Based on our experience from driving out there for the Inaugural NSX Convention in 1997, I think we will pass.
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Leaving Wed morning and essentially taking I-80 out. Planning on driving at least 12 hours which will leave 8 hours on Thursday.
We left around 10 this morning, arrived safely in Omaha where it is pouring rain. Funny thing is that the last time I drove through Omaha on the way to Vegas, it was also pouring rain. Hoping to hook up with some others and caravan to CO.
Just pulled into Lincoln, NE myself. I left Glenwood Springs, CO this morning. I was keeping my eyes open for NSXs heading West, but never spotted any.

I have not seen this much rain in quite sometime. I am in my Jetta TDI with a couple kayaks on top.
Have family priorities so not this year. Depending on where it is at next year I will go.
Part of my house flooded a couple of days ago, so I am now stuck dealing with that and will not be at NSXPO like I wanted to be. Have fun everyone. Wish I could be there. :(