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NSXPO's pre tech inspections for track days are now available at Acura of Lynnwood

26 June 2008
For all of you that have been asking me about this I now have the official tech inspection and liability release forms for NSXPO's 2008 track event. The inspections are a requirment to track your car for this event.

As an NSXPO sponsor Acura of Lynnwood is offering to do tech inspections for any local prime/nsxca members prior to the track event to save you time and head ache from the long lines at track. The inspections are free but we work by appointment.

Please contact me by P.M. or email [email protected] or call me 206-890-4479 cell for an appointment.

Let's make this a safe event!
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can you guys point me to the other places (in portland) and whats all checked/involved and what cost is? TIA

Contact Acura of Portland (Dick Hannah Acura) 800-631-4157 is the number to service. Morgan Peets is their NSX specialist performing the tech inspections. They are also a sponsor for this years NSXPO which is where the car show will be held on Saturday the 13th. Morgan is part of the NSXPO commitee too.

The cost is up to them, but in previous conversations I've had with Morgan I think they are going to do them for free as well. The inspection consists of checking all belts, hoses, brakes with measurements, tires, lights, seat belts, seats, suspension complete, wipers, steering, SRS faults, fluids, check for leaks, test drive for brake performance, headers/exhaust, etc, etc. This is all stuff listed on the inspection form, It's a pretty thorough check list I a didn't even list everything here.

Hope that helps,
Such technical inspections are pretty much standard operating procedure for track events everywhere. A well-maintained car should have no problems passing the inspection. And if any problem areas are noted, it's likely that they are things you would want to have fixed anyway.