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Oil Pump Bypass Pressure?

6 October 2010
Las Vegas
Anybody know the oil pump bypass pressure for the NSX? I have searched but come up with nothing. The max I have seen on my stock gauge is around 6 bar (85psi) when cold, and about 5.5 bar (78psi) at operating temp.
The bypass spring will age and fatigue over time (sounds a lot like me) so it is something that should be on everyone's replace list. I just did mine a few months back, and added the "Realtime shim". I got about 7lbs of pressure back, and at 3000rpm and above I was at just under 80lbs (I have a mechanical gauge mounted in the engine compartment), now running at 86lbs. Andrew at Realtime said they shoot for 10lbs for each 1000rpm, so 80 should be the measure minimum. The spring gave me 2lbs, the shim another 5.
Do you have contact details and parts numbers for both those items, i wouldnt mind doing that on the next major service