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Old Tires...

11 February 2006
Northern CA
Saw this on another site, and I did own one of these in the past, and I thought it might be a good reminder as I have been guilty of this as well...
A car enthusiast purchases a car at auction, low mileage, 1995, spends 200k


The new owner does not change the original tires as they are not worn out, but in reality the rubber is done..13 year old tires...lost traction and along with some other circumstances this is the sad result. You can see in the pics, the tires look the same.


These were probably OEM tires, and long past their life span, like drivng on ice skates so anyone buying a low mileage older NSX out there with original rubber, you should change the tires ASAP...its not worth your life for a few $$..