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Painting Stock Calipers...tips???

14 March 2005
Well, I'm doing my brakes, and turning rotars......since I'm there I figured I'll paint the calipers.

Any tips, or what is the best heat resistant paint.....I thought of powder coating???

Thanks Guys :smile:
You can pick up hi temp paint at your local auto parts store.
I don't know your answer on the powder coating - but I know it's been discussed.
Try a search...you find a lot of advise.
Post some pics when you're finished.
Good Luck. :smile:
I did mine the first time with high temp spray paint (engine paint) in red. It was OK, but did not hold up well. Then I re-did them with a caliper paint kit from Wal-Mart's automotive department. I think the kit is available from many auto parts places--about $15 with a small can of brush-on paint, a small cheap brush (not so good brush) and a can of cleaner spray. It worked great--although it was more work than spray paint, it was way better result.
I used the kit in the link below. When I first received the kit I was doubtful because it looked like a 10-year old designed the packaging. However, I was very pleased with the results. I believe another Prime member used the same paint and he said that his calipers still look great after a couple of years. I'll try and post pics of my calipers.

I did my stock front and rear calipers exactly one month ago, with exactly one can of Plasticote red Brake Caliper spray paint form Pep Boys. I put the car up on jack stands, took off all 4 wheels, masked around each caliper closely and covered the entire inner wheel well with newspaper. I first cleaned each caliper with WD-40 (that miracle spray !), then wiped the WD-40 off with a toothbrush and paint thinner. I put a light coat on all 4 calipers first, waited an hour each time, put about 5 coats on each, with the last coat being the heaviest. I waited another hour or so, got the dremel tool out and cleaned off the NSX on each caliper. VOILA !!!!

They look beautiful, I've done quite a bit of hard driving in the last few weeks, and they still look great.

Took me an entire Saturday, but it was well worth it.
The latest edition of NSX Driver, the official publication of the NSXCA, outlines this DYI mod in detail.
There were other good DYI articles including one about cleaning your throttle body by NSXCA VP. Larry Bastanza.
A good reason to be a member. :smile:
I used the same kit--brush-on type-- and mine turned out beautifully as well. The paint flows and drys extremely well and is very forgiving of mistakes. I only did mine about 7 weeks ago and , therefore, can't comment on durability as yet. So far, so good though. It's a very easy job.
I used the Dali kit for painting calipers and had great luck with it.
Others on here have had them powder coated with tremendous results for looks and durability.
Any suggestions as to raising the car if you don't have a lift? WHen I bought the kit, the guy at the auto parts store told me not to use jack lifts on the NSX. My alternative is one wheel at a time but I hear the paint sets so quick I might have more problems. If anyone has a jack suggestion, etc. would be appreciated!
I used 800 Celsius heat-resistant spray paint. Degreased first. Great finish and much faster than normal paint. Powder coating seems a little overkill to me as you have to remove and flush all calipers.
Yes you can jack the car, and you can use jack stands. Auto and tire stores have come up with all types of stories on how you cannot jack an NSX or use stands...............I have a hydrolic floor jack--you can buy one for 25-30 bucks, or you can use the NSX jack. Stands are cheap too.