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Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee

29 December 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
For my fellow western PA & east OH'ers: I truly feel like I've been living under a rock - I only recently stumbled upon all this Cars & Coffee activity here in Pittsburgh. I did randomly drive by the black LFA in Shadyside a few months ago - it screamed even at 15 mph and its presence appeared to take up 1 1/2 lanes - it's a large car! I'd be interested to know if anyone else on Prime knew about these. The '92 shown below is currently listed for sale here on Prime and looks to have been treated well.

Main forum: http://www.pghcnc.com/forum/index.php
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dynamic and i will make it also to the june 16th meet this year!

Very cool. I'll be very happy to see a white NSX, which is what I'm seeking. Though every time I see a black or silver NSX, I realize how much I like those colors too... Ironically I'm heading to Detroit May 16. If I head up on Saturday instead of Friday I'll try to delay leaving until around 11 and swing by. Maybe I'll talk Neal into meeting on Sunday morning in Plymouth, Michigan at The Bean so I can enjoy looking at one of his beauties over some awesome coffee before heading back to PGH...

For any of you unfamiliar with Pittsburgh and looking for reasons to enhance your visit if you come in for this - I'm a pretty big fan of the city and could help suggest ideas for things to see & places to stay, just ask. Also this C&C is held near an IKEA store, for which some people make a special trip if an IKEA isn't near them. The C&C is near some nice backroads - wouldn't be too difficult to jump off the highway at a nearby exit and take some of the country roads towards the WV border instead of taking I-22.

I remain dumbfounded that there are so many nice cars here in PGH that I've never seen. Pittsburgh is more of a blue-collar town with mostly red Corvettes and dime-a-dozen black BMW's on the high end and way too many Pontiac Azteks and Nascar-flavored Chevy Monte Carlos for the DD's. I'll see the occasional Exige or Elise (there's a Lotus, Porsche, and Audi dealer in Sewickley, PA, a cool little town about 15 minutes from the C&C) and I'll see an occasional 360 and older Lambo, but I've never any Aventadors, GTR's, 458's, GT3's, etc. until stumbling upon the youtube videos. Great stuff.

Primanti Brothers sandwich, recommended for any out of towners visiting da Burgh next week.
Andy, I assume you are aware of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix every year held in Schenley Park. This is an event that encompasses two consecutive weekends, numerous car shows in various parts of the city during the week and culminates with the actual Vintage Car Race on the final weekend. See the link below. if you want a true sampling of the many fine exotics and collector cars in the Pittsburgh area, this is the place to see them.

This year I understand that the TV program "Chasing Classics" will be filming a segment during this event.

Thanks for the reminder John. It seems I am never in town in July during that week. Again as it turns out, I'll be in Columbus on July 21 but I plan on attending the Sunday 22nd car show for sure. Drop a line if you are in town for it this year!
A video from the June 16th.

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/sHSjcc8TB8g" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" width="640"></iframe>
I didn't see this reply until just a few moments ago. We went and it was raining down there. Was still a good time and we ended up with a decent caravan to PittRace afterwards. Turned out to be a great day.
No worries! Was raining when I got there. Didn't seem to be too many cars at this one likely due to the rain, and I didn't see any good looking red NSX so I didn't stick around too long. Glad the day turned out good!
Western PA / Eastern OH'ers: PGH cnc is back up again. Tomorrow May 4th at Echo Restaurant in Cranberry on Rt 228 near Westinghouse WHQ (where I work).


Just learned about it a few minutes ago. Had no plans to go but might go for fun if I hear from anyone else here - would go close to 9am so I can make a 1am birthday party down in Elizabeth at 1...

I'm going to do my best to get the three GPW coupes in Pittsburgh (2 currently, but will be 3 after May 11) to show up to at least one of these together later this summer.
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I didn't make last Saturday's, and it's been harder than I thought to get three GPW coupe owners together at the same time. GPW must stand for Too Damn Busy For Our Own Good in Japanese.

However this video of last week that someone forwarded to me was pretty cool. Slight vertigo when the copter takes off at the beginning and end.

Saw at least one NSX.

<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5dy17b4BmNQ" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" width="640"></iframe>
I hope to make this Saturday's, if anyone's reading this. I stopped by briefly 2 weeks ago (to actually get a coffee with a co-worker on a Saturday more than to hang out actually) and saw a silver NSX drive away w/o any rear glass or engine cover, and PGHMiller's black NSX in the lot. Let me know if anyone here is going and I'll look for you.
This Saturday, the tv show Open Throttle 360 from Root Sports will be taping an episode at our CNC meet! It's also "Porsche Day" so many members of the Allegheny Region Porsche Club of America will also be attending! The F40 will most likely be back, as well as Ithaca Verde Aventador Roadster

My buddy Don was the one who took the rear glass off his Kaiser Silver, looks interesting. He's a car buff, has a couple 67 Camaros, mustang, and he's a great mechanic so his engine bays are stacked and immaculate. He comes to CNC pretty often, we go to other local meets such as Caste Village on Sundays, Mineral Beach on Fridays, Sonic in Bridgeville on Wednesdays, Peters Creek Church on Thursdays.
Will likely see you there then and stop over and say hey. Going to stop by for an hour or so for some wake-up coffee before getting started with a ton of things on my list for tomorrow.

F40 guy...seems like a peach. I assumed he'd be willing to chat up his F40 & 60's GTO-looking F-car a little since he parked in very conspicuous "make my own spaces" 2 weeks ago. I've seen them there the 2 or 3 other times I've stopped in at this C&C in 2013 & 2014, but this time I noticed his TX license plates w/o any stickers. Assuming there had to be an interesting story, I said hi and inquired about the plates, asking if he was from PGH. He looks over my head and mumbles something about it being his personal protest, and before I could get out the next obvious followup question he walks away around me and a few others and he and the wifey drive off in the 2 cars. I'm glad I met a few friendlier folk at these who get what they're supposed to be about.
Yeah the F40 guy can be tough to talk to... he's lives in Sewickley and is sick rich (oil), he has a ton of cars, apparently he's ALWAYS driving the F40 around Sewickley. A lot of those guys have Montana or Texas or other plates, it has something to do with avoiding sales tax but I'm not exactly sure how it works.
Luckily MOST of the CNC people are very friendly and personable, but you'll always have a few Dbags lol