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Players Run Pix - NOT WORK SAFE


31 May 2005
I posted these in the NW forum and thought that it wasn't fair to share them with all of you on prime. These are from the Players Run that I went on with Ravn. I had a photographer meet me in LA at the hotel we were staying at to do this shoot. The pix haven't been edited yet, they are still in normal format. I think some of them turned out pretty well though! Please feel free to leave your feedback. Thanks for viewing!


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Re: Players Run Pix

Thanks! :rolleyes: You can see some differant shots in the NW Meetings Forum. I also have some shots that were taken with the new C6, which is red and a Porsche, which is white. In all they came out really nice and I am pretty happy with them! Thanks much for the comments!
Wow!!! I think I am in Love!!!!! Great Photo's (You and the Car!!) Is the NSX yours? I did not know if you owned an NSX or not.....Brent :biggrin:
Brent, it's Ravn nsx's car... I believed he's the only nsx showed up at player's run... Ashley hitched a ride from him and had a great time, so she obligated to put some smear mark on his taitec hood....

I just noticed that the topic said not work safe... What do you mean by that Ashley?? As long as you got clothes on, that's work safe, no?? ;) Somehow, I was hoping this post will build some sort of momentum as the other thread with another girl on a Blue nsx.... :biggrin:
Ashley, post some photos with your great smile...you look way too serious!!!! Also, download any photos of you, car related or not. You will get positive feedback for sure from this group!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: