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Please allow me to reintroduce myself

13 July 2005
san diego
About 3 years ago I was looking at selling my at the time new G35 Coupe and picking up an NSX. I was given great advice by fellow members on PRIME to focus on my career and purchase an NSX down the line.

Well about a week ago I purchased a 94 Berlina Black NSX. Thank you to all those that helped me out 3 years ago.
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it was a brutal 3 yr wait, i looked at other cars but found myself looking at nsx's again. This time I bit the bullet and dove right in, I actually purchased the first nsx I looked at. Call it love at first sight.
Congradulations! I did that exact same thing back in November. Been lovin it ever since.

Enjoy the ride!
I always laugh when people say that they "looked" at other cars before they bought their NSX...I too "looked", but at owning a car that I felt was similar in "presence" and in "lore" - I looked at 1955-1956 Thunderbirds and 1958-1962 Corvettes...lol...the problem that I had was that I wanted a car for $30,000 that was in awesome shape...so I chose the NSX - I had always wanted one as well...and of course it was a better ride on all levels...I just think its funny that on the sport-side of things, I could never want another car...it has everything that the other super-cars have...I jsut liked the old Corvettes and T-Birds because I was born in 1962 and grew up with seeing these beauties. As for comparisons, how and why do you compare various newer model cars with the NSX? The newer ones are based on the NSx...but they are not hand built...and if they are - then your paying $285,000 and up:eek: Maybe being an old guy helps in terms of the NSX, for I like alot of others, saw the NSX emerge from the tunnel...and we had knowledgable mechanics who were salivating over the NSX...but of course...could not afford one. People forget that this car was WAY OUT OF MOST PEOPLE"S POCKETBOOKS! I ran into a guy at the airport last week who saw my NSX and told me that he payed $80,000 US for his 91 NSX when it came out. He laughed and did the conversion to US dollars at the time (for he lived in Vancouver), and stated that the car cost him around $110,000 CDN! Of course he lamented about selling the car...but laughed and said that it was a blast owning it! So to me, if you have tons of money to burn, then go and buy a car in the $178,000 - $300,000 range...other than that, don't compare the NSX with brand-new sports cars...because those cars are based on the NSX...the car that changed motoring in the 20th Century and took automotive sporting forward into the 21st!

Welcome and congrats!:wink: