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Please Help, spring changes

22 May 2001
Could you please help try to get my rear shocks out, I tried everything. I did the front in a breeze, but I can't compress the back enough to get the shocks out. I tried standing on the rotor and that still doesn't compress it enough. Everytime I can get the shock out of its mount and down on to the CV boot, but from there it is in a bind to get it to push back enough to get off the boot. Any help?? I was going to loosen the Lower A-arm bolts, but the camber bolt will not budge.
The rear shocks can be a b****. Have one person stand on the rotor and use a prybar (carefully!) to compress the shock some and you should be able to get it out.
I've taken the rear shocks out twice. The first time, I did it the hard way as you are; never again.

The second time, I bought the ball joint remover tool and it took 1/4 of the time, didn't pull any muscles, and still had a smile on my face at the end of it.

I highly recommend the tool. I believe it is a 32mm ball remover.

Or you can go to your local auto parts store and buy a spring compressor - In Atlanta, you can go to autozone or advance autoparts and 'rent' one for about $30... and return it when you're done... pretty easy

I tried to remove the springs off my stolen & totalled 92 prelude the same way you're trying to do it while it was sitting in the junk yard in 100 degree heat.. took me 4 hours to do it all... got the exhaust system, springs & shocks off without any speacial tools... wish i had a spring compressor then!!

What does a spring compressor cost (new)? I was thinking about doing some spring work, and wasn't sure if I should rent the part of just buy it and keep it in the garage...
The spring compressor does not solve the problem of removing the shocks from the rear on an NSX. The problem is that the stock shock is too long unless you compress it (not the spring) or pull the suspension apart a little (which is easier in the long run but more involved than just prying the shock out).
Hmm...I recently changed my springs, and I found it to be very simple. I actually thought the fronts were harder to get out.

I was able to remove all four corners without any help; I had assistance on the first of the rears, but after I thought about it, I did the second one myself...no prying or the like, just bare hands.

If you need help with this, there are good write-ups, or you can e-mail me and we can discuss it.