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Pole 2 Flag Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) 2.0

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
Progress pix of our ARB 2.0 anti-roll bar components. We have been waiting since April and we are still waiting for the front and rear main bars to be made in 1-2 weeks.

Shooting for track day on Oct. 18th at BW. Should be interesting.:smile: Hopefully good.

Any questions, ask away.

Link to our website: Pole2FlagRacing.com for more detail.
Any updates??
Another set back:frown: as Dave was setting up the bender and it broke. I was there to helping him figure out what the problem was but I am not electrical enough to fix it. He is waiting for a guy from LA to come down and its gonna co$$t him but it needs to be fixed either way. Probably something simple as it was working well not long ago. Its one of those things.

He assured me I don;t need to pursuit Plan B and he knows we have a track day coming up so I am staying with him otherwise its gonna cost us a heck of a lot more going else where. So...I have faith in Dave and he does good work and he'll be making more stuff in the future so I am gonna wait.
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I can't wait...
2 sets of Beta ARB 2.0 at Powder Coater

Seems like forever we started this project and we are one more step closer to the production release. We picked up two sets for Beta testing on 10/18 and IF there are no issues/surprises, we will start the GB process. Here are a few pix of the bare chromoly before gets coated with Red Baron color!!
Can you post pictures of it fully installed when you do track day testing? Also what all exactly will be included in the GB?
Sure. Installation is set for next Tue. and we will post more pix. There will be 23 sets avail. once we are satisfy with the results after the 10/18 track day. This is our Beta testing and we'd made a couple changes to our Alpha testing so we are expecting good results. What’s included in the GB:Chromoly main bars (2, Front & Rear)Symmetrical Blades (4)Aerospace quality Aurora rod ends (4)High strength nuts and bolts includedA set of polyurethane bushings with grease*Aluminum race bushings available upon requestWe will have a pix of all the above once we get the main bars back from the powder coater.for more info, visit:http://pole2flagracing.com/bladed-arb-20.html
The 1" front and 7/8" rear are installed and it went in smoothly w/o any issue.:wink: WHEW! after 6 months of waiting, we can finally shake this down and hope nothing breaks.

The changes we made from Alpha to Beta worked well:smile:. Nothing is binding/interfering and all the adjustments can be done w/ the wheels on the car at about 2-3 min. each corner at the track. The front adjustment accessibility is tight but very doable. The key installation tip is to preset the overall rod end heights and make sure each rod end has at least 4 full-turn threads into the turnbuckle. The install is much easier then the one piece OEM style ARB by far. One of the great side features of this set up is you do corner balancing, you can tune each corner individually with finer increments by turning the turn-buckle:wink: to get the balance perfect.

The 7/8" front Comptech ARB we removed from the car was in full stiff but the rod ends were not high quality nor at an ideal angle thus bent due to binding and incorrect geometry. We wished we could fit a larger dia bar in the front but its just not possible w/o major surgery.

Below is the front & rear install and more detail pix will follow after trackday this wkend.

Car spec. - 1993, SOS 2.3L SC, headers, GTLW, 6-spd, 4.06 diff, 235/275 NT-01, Brembo "Indy" BBK, frt/rear undertray, Big wing, CF bumpers for weight reduction.
Installed at Applied Motorsports, Vista CA

Another set was installed at Niguel Motors in Misson Viejo, CA on a 1993, -2600lb, NA, I/H/E, GTLW, RDX, 215/265.

Both installation went straight forward with no issues.


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Very excited... Been waiting on these to put my car back together in the next few weeks
Looks very nice!

Do you have calculations on how the stiffness can be adjusted with those bars?, what i mean is on the softest position is it comparable to OEM, Type R or stiffer...?

Can you provide the weight of the bars?

Any idea if those would be compatible with the Lovefab lower bar?


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Hey Bruno,

We did the calculations and FEA, the results are posted on our website, see link below. The blue line is a conservative curve and the red line is an aggressive curve from full stiff to full soft and the displacement(Y-axis) are shown. This blade is a conservative design for most NSX owners, the displacement is a bit higher than the blue line but below the red because we have no idea of the driving ability of each driver and an aggressive blade design(depending on number of requests) is for the future for owners who know how the blade works and like to extract more from their set up. (ie. solid bushing mount as well ) Too bad we are limited by the 1" front design otherwise, a bigger front bar would be ideal.

The main bar is chromoly & heat treated not DOM mild steel like other vendors so the metal properties are different.


Pole2Flag Bladed Front-ARB 2.0(1" dia.) has been designed to have just enough bends so you can retain the front spare tire and yet, it's just as stiff as if it was a straight bar. Our analysis has shown the stiffness between the bent vs straight bars are barely noticeable.
Designed to fit all years of the NSX with the NSX-R lower chassis bar in place.

Pole2Flag Bladed Rear-ARB 2.0 (7/8" dia.) has been designed to fit most exhaust configurations in one shape with minimal bends to allow the retention of the OEM catalytic converters.It will clear most HFC(high flow cat). ie. Random or Prospeed cats.

Pole2Flag Racing Bladed ARBs are superior for the following reasons:

  • Chrome-moly tubing = higher ultimate tensile strength(UTS), STIFF yet LIGHTER vs DOM
  • Chrome-moly is STRONGER(higher yield point) given the same wall thickness as DOM
  • Blades are made of aerospace alloy that offers more resistant to fatigue or loss of rate over time & plated for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum parts are machined from billet and are hard anodized for longevity
  • High quality Aurora rod-ends
  • Heat treated to proper Rockwell and powder coated Commie red
  • FULLY adjustable front and rear of individual corner
  • *Calculated Front bar 1.0” dia. ~< 450% vs OEM @ full stiff
  • *Calculated Rear bar .875" dia. ~<300% vs OEM @ full stiff
*Installed overall stiffness will vary from car to car

We don't have a Lovefab lower bar to compare so we are in the dark on this one. It clears the R-bar both upper and lower if that helps.

We did not weight the bars as they are close to oem with rod ends. Best guess is ~20lbs +/- (??) for both of them.

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Short Ans: We have two people interested in the last set in stock....BUT we need to order 4 blades plus buying the Aurora rod ends. the price for both items have gone up the most compare to other ARB V2 components since the pandemic. Price is $2600 shipped to US 48 but one person is from Canada. Lead time =~3-4 wks.

Long Ans: We don't plan to make anymore of the bladed bars as we are focusing on making prepreg parts UNLESS there is a demand. These are trick parts that works well over the years and won't make any noise. Two Pros are easy to change the settings( in minutes) without changing the geometry compare to oem. Best result if you have high quality coilovers(valved) and your car is corner balanced to get the most of this set up.
The price for the blades go down 40% if we made qty of 8( 2 sets) to have a little economies of scale so make sense if we make more bars but not without people who are willing to commit.
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