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Polishing engine parts

20 April 2000
Minot ND / Las Vegas NV
I noticed on Dali's website you can buy polished coil and injector covers. Does anyone know what the stock ones are made of? Cuz I just finished polishing my friends motorcycle and I'm doing mine as we speak, so I was wondering if I could save some $$$ buy polishing my stock ones.
the parts are made of plastic. the Dali parts will cost you over $500. I painted mine for about $30. I painted the injector
covers silver- they look like brushed aluminum and look great against the black motor. I'd post pictures but I'm computer illiterate.
Jim --

I'm interested in seeing them. E-mail them to me, and I'll post them.

-- Chris


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Well I haven't seen my X for about 4 months so I didn't check before I asked, thanks I guess I'll have to spend the $$$ for the polished stuff.