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"Power Wheels" for kids

6 November 2002
I want to get one of these for my daughter who is almost 4. I see Barbie Jeeps all over the neighborhood, but I want to get her something cooler. :smile: Has anyone ever seen an "Acura" looking one? Walmart, Amazon, etc... have Porsche, Corvette, Escalade, etc....It doesn't even have to be a "Power Wheel". I was just using that as a generic name to describe the battery powered toys.
It's evident that car "is not" traction control equipped. :rolleyes:

Apparently there are issues with the seatbelts as well as the driver was ejected during the crash. :tongue: :wink: :biggrin:
I want to get one of these for my daughter who is almost 4.

Here you go: http://www.micromotorx.com/


And they have an F1 version as well:


It's funny you should ask b/c I'm picking up the F1 car for my 8 month old son once they become available again. :smile:
The ferrari F1 "powerwheels" style car is available through "FAO Schwarz"(sp). Price is about $800, I was going to get my daughter one last christmas.
Wow those are some fancy toys. :eek: :smile: Growing up in the Philippines...I had a pedal cart built with what appeared to be random metal tubes and bike parts, it even came with custom rust color. No wait...that was real rust...never mind. :tongue: :biggrin:
Where were those when I was a kid.:frown:

Tell me about it! My GF's son was playing with the neighbor kid last week, and they drove up in his 12 volt yellow Corvette, complete with multiple speeds, a working radio, engine sounds, etc. Sweet little ride! He has a little electric Honda motorcycle I bought him for Xmas a year or two ago, and last year I got the Honda kart as well (since I race the big ones).

Converted it to gas recently and gave him the team paint job as well :biggrin:


We had those three wheeled "Power Wheels" we had to pedal when I was six :)
I believe I know what you're talking about. The guy is on here, he's gotta an avatar of a little asian baby girl with a pony tail, sitting in a red Type R seat. He's from california. I forgot his screen name though.