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Pretty new NSX owner

4 March 2015
what going on fellas, I'm pretty much a new NSX owner got my NSX in Dec of 2014. just wanted to drop by and say hey to everyone hopefully meet some of yall soon.
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Whoo Hoo, I think Texas has Monopolized the Yellow NSX's in the U.S.! :)
Wecome! I don't know how long you've been on the site but as a new user, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the NSX Wiki which can be accessed from the red action bar at the top of most pages. Lots of good information there which has been organized into categories to help you. The content has been volunteered over the years so some is newer than others ... but it's sometimes easier to find stuff there than wading through pages after searching the forums. And if you still have a question, just ask .. lots of friendly, helpful owners on here.
Good luck .. enjoy your new ride!
This title is highly deceiving. I was expecting this:

Sorry guys dont really get on line but Wow yea it is that the nsx acura_NA2 lol whish I had this info before I got it. lol I'm new to NSX I guess I just saw the car and over looked any flaws it might have I was just to excited to know I was going to own a NSX lol but regardless I really like the car it always been a dream car and I'm happy I'm one of few who has the opportunity to own one im good with the buy. dose it has flaws yea it dose like i would think any 94 model car would but again pretty happy with it.

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Dam turbo2go ur not lying i see what you mean with that title back fired but wished i had that standing next to my ride!
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In reading the other thread, I wondered these things about the seller:

"...he mentioned he own a number of dealership"

Translation: He has an auto dealers license, or access to one, and he buys cars at the insurance salvage auction to flip them...LOL!

"...we asked him where it was, his reply was, "That irrelevant"

Translation: If he does have a fixed location, he doesn't want someone coming back to him later if he sells them a lemon.


As you now own the car... Enjoy it and make her your own / do as you'd like and continue to be happy. :biggrin:
I know the car. guy own a dealer on 610 in the galleria. he was always asking too much and told me he often let friends borrow it so I always had trouble getting to see it. Glad I ended up with mine but congrats brother! enjoy!!