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Problem with ticking noise

21 October 2003
I was wondering if any of the forum technical experts could help me with a problem that has developed today. When the car is moving I am experiencing a tapping or clicking sound which appears to eminating from the instrument cluster. It is very rythmic and may be more frequemt with increase in speed but I am not sure. It does not occur when the car is stationary. My initial thought was maybe a fault in the odometer cable but I am no expert.

2000 NSX - stock
9800 miles

Thank you in advance for any help, advice or suggestions that are offered.
That is a logical thought, but no cable for this car:). With the car stationary try reseting you tripometer. Also check the tripometer is working. BTW, this is a pure guess on my part:)

speedo has no mechanical cable. Try looking at the odometer and trip odometer while you are moving at about 60 and see if they are working with no iratic movement.
Your input was much appreciated. You were both correct. Thje tripometer was hanging up. I reset it and it now functions normally without noise. Again, a sincere thank for your expertise.