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Problems with Exedy clutch - ideas please

19 December 2003
I had an Exedy hyper single (HH04SD) fitted about 3k miles ago. No problems, worked fine although a little harsh to start off with.

Then about 1k miles ago my clutch pedal lost all pressure and dropped to the floor. Honda (UK) replaced both the master and slave cylinder and refilled the hydraulics.

Now, since that hydraulics failure and repair, I'm getting slippage on the clutch where there was none before. I took it back to Honda today and they checked the hydraulics for air but found none. The clutch is slipping in every gear.

Any ideas why this would happen? This clutch is almost new !? :confused:

Thanks in advance
no not really. any other ideas?

Exedy blame Honda, Honda blame Exedy. I just want it fixed :frown:
Slipping clutch not a hydraulics problem - it means the clutch is not fully engaged & the function of the pedal/hydraulic/slave is to actually decouple the plate off the flywheel (i.e. creating hydraulic pressure actually lifts the clutch more) Hydraulic problems manifest themselves as the clutch not lifting sufficiently to get the gar in gear, not slipping. Cable operated clutches can be caused by the cable adjustment being too tight, so not allowing the clucth to completely engage, but can't work this way with hydraulics - except for the mechanical coupling of the push-rod, which is post-hydraulics anyway.
It is conceivable that somehow the slave push-rod was not connected properly causing the clutch actuating lever to be partially compressed, but more likely a problem in the clutch itself - may not have been installed correctly and has taken a few thousand miles of wear to show up completely.
However I'd start by looking for problem with the slave installation, especially if it ONLY happened immediately after the replacement.
I would definately check the end play in the pedal. You should be able to push the clutch pedal with your hand and it should be light feeling for that first inch, maybe a little less. The spec is actually .28" max, but I see them between that and 1" all the time. Bascially that first 1" or less it should feel loose. If it is not, you need to shorten the pushrod that engages the clutch master. Page 12-4 in the online service manual shows this.

The other question is if it does have no play, why?? As Ken mentions you may have a slave pushrod not seated properly. To check it, pull off the slave boot and check that the pushrod is seated in the clutch fork properly. Page 12-11 has a good picture of this. Also Ken makes a good point about when the problem occured. You may wish to ask if they did adjust the free play.

With aftermarket clutchs this is a critical adjustment. The only other time I have seen this behavior is if someone was a little too heavy on the clutch grease and it got on the friction surfaces of the disks, but you actually did not have the trasn pulled again, just the master/slave replaced, if I understand it correctly.