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Quick Recovery Wish to Stormrider

13 May 2004
Austin, TX
Just want to thank all the Houston bros taking the time visiting my bro, Stormrider. Special thanks to Ricky and his wife standing by his side throughout the whole deal. Hope the HPD can catch that a**hole!

We love you bro and wish you a quick recovery!! If you need someone to babysit and keep your blue angel running in the meantime, you have my number :biggrin:

Tommy, I've been in touch w/ Patrick and so forth... Just couldn't fathom it. But my prayers have been you and your wife, and just stay strong my friend- all will be well! :cool:
Get better soon Tommy, so we can sell some houses :biggrin:
Jesus has some Juice for you..

We are doing our best to catch this SOB..I am disappointed that it is taking so long..I am afraid someone else might get hurt..so you guys try to stay away from the West Oaks Mall area until this guy is caught. If you have to go, please be careful, cautious, and aware of your surroundings..if it doesn't feel right then it isn't..is always a good rule of thumb!!
Tommy man, I heard what happened. I left you a voicemail, and the S2K want to put together a little get well dinner for you. Nothing big, just something to get us all together, and so we can just let you know we're glad you are ok. Trung is the one putting it together I believe. Ok bro, get well.
I talked to Tommy and thought maybe a dinner would help cheer him up from the incident when he feels better and gets mobile again. Be nice to have both the NSX/S2000 come together for Tommy. Let me know what you guys think.

hi guys, thank you so very very much for all the loves! i feel better already!! i am so lucky to have all of your guys still in my life! i was very close not able to spend any more time with my bros and my nsx from this nightmare! :frown:
you guys are the best of the best! i am doing better and healing better every day! can't wait to hang out with you guys again! :smile:
I heard what happened and thank God you pulled through. I hope your body and mind completely heal from this quickly and justice is served.